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Great Wall Motors set out for Chengdu auto show: Haval beast is scheduled to explode, and the tank 600 is robbed?

2021-08-27 12:32:01 Oriental Information automobile

immediately 8 The Chengdu International Auto Show will officially open at the end of this month , In time " Golden nine silver ten " On the eve of , Naturally, it has attracted the attention of the most car companies . According to the latest news , Great Wall group will participate in Chengdu International Auto Show with the strongest team . Some of the most concerned new cars recently , Will be officially unveiled at the auto show .

Harper beast 、 tanks 600、WEY Macchiato and Euler ballet cat , These are brand new models 、 New series , The strength is quite strong . What is the strength of these new cars ? Let Kung Fu car show you .

(1) Harper beast , New flagship debut

In Harvard's sequence , In fact, there has been a lack of a medium-sized SUV The flagship . although H9 It's this level , But after all, its positioning is hardline SUV.

stay H6 A medium-sized city SUV, It can capture the market , It can also improve brand positioning , It is undoubtedly very favorable for Harvard , That's what the beast of Harvard came for .

Prior to this, Harvard has published the declaration map and official map of the divine beast , It's really avant-garde in design ." Borderless " The front face design has a strong sense of future , Its body lines have a strong three-dimensional feeling , It gives people a feeling of atmosphere and slender .

The body size of a new car is 4781*1890*1679mm, The wheelbase is 2800mm, Than H6 It's a little bigger , It's a standard medium SUV location . In especial 1890mm Width , This level is absolutely outstanding , Let the back of it be horizontal 、 The vertical space is ample .

In terms of interior design, the divine beast is also very excellent , The jump dual screen is very eye-catching , The same design of Mercedes Benz , And equipped with the latest generation of coffee intelligent system of the Great Wall .

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