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The real domestic off-road vehicle, cybertank 300, is more fashionable and aggressive

2021-08-27 12:35:24 Oriental Information automobile

tanks 300 As a very popular model of tank , Before and after listing , Have a very high degree of attention . In recent days, , Cybertank 300 Also announced the pre-sale price , Let's get to know .

Cybertank 300 The front face adopts honeycomb air inlet grille design , And all were blackened , Sporty off-road style . The round headlights on both sides are also very retro . The lower enclosure adopts a through design , Both sides Y The shape of the font fog lamp is also very strong .

The side lines are very strong , Show a strong sense of strength and muscle . The roof is also designed to be flat , Very consistent with the characteristics of off-road vehicles . The multi width wheel hub at the bottom is matched with the raised wheel arch , Fully display the off-road style of the car .

The tail adopts a vertical tail lamp design , It's very three-dimensional . The way of attaching spare tire once again demonstrates the off-road temperament of the car .

The interior adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel , Configure dual screen design , Full of sense of technology . The turbo air conditioner outlet looks very young and fashionable . motivation , Cybertron 300 Will be used with regular tanks 300 Same powertrain , carrying 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower 227 horse , The maximum torque is 387 cattle · rice , matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , And the 4WD system will not be absent .

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