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@Hunan residents! Tetravalent influenza vaccine can be reserved

2021-08-27 12:36:28 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( The reporter Ya Nan Chen correspondent   Chen Wanhui Peng Wenbin ) This year, , The global COVID-19 trend continues. , Although the epidemic situation in China has been effectively controlled , But the risks we face cannot be ignored . autumn 、 When winter comes , Increase in various respiratory diseases , Covid-19 influenza pandemic , It will increase the difficulty of differential diagnosis , Bring greater challenges to the prevention and control work . To effectively cope with novel coronavirus pneumonia and risk of superimposed pneumonia in autumn and winter , Reduce the pressure and cost of epidemic prevention and control , Protect the lives and health of the masses , The outpatient department of Hunan Center for Disease Control and prevention will carry out influenza vaccination from now on , Strive to provide the general public with 、 Better protection .

Appointment method : Focus on “ About seedling ” WeChat official account , choice “ Outpatient department of Hunan Center for Disease Control and Prevention ”. Or scan the QR code directly below .

Telephone consultation ( Team appointment ):0731-84305760、84305748.

remarks : This department is only vaccinated temporarily 18 People over years old .

Influenza vaccine tips :

One 、 Influenza vaccine classification :

1、 According to process : Based on chicken embryo 、 Based on cell culture and recombinant influenza vaccine

2、 By type : It is divided into live attenuated vaccine 、 Inactivated vaccine 、 Recombinant vaccine ;

3、 By component : Divided into trivalent influenza vaccine 、 Tetravalent influenza vaccine ;

4、 According to specifications : It is divided into child type and adult type (0.25ml For children ,0.5ml It is adult type ).

The influenza vaccines approved for marketing in China are :

Trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines include : Split vaccine and subunit vaccine ;

Trivalent attenuated Huowei : Attenuated vaccine ;

Tetravalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine : Split vaccine .

So many flu vaccines , Which one suits me ?

There was no significant difference in serum protection rate and antibody positive conversion rate between tetravalent influenza vaccine and trivalent influenza vaccine , Increased in tetravalent influenza vaccine B The antibody protection rate and antibody positive conversion rate of influenza a strain were significantly higher than those of trivalent influenza vaccine .

Two 、 Does influenza vaccine need to be vaccinated every year ?

1) Influenza viruses are highly variable

The epidemic strains in the previous influenza season may be different from those in this year's influenza season . To match the mutating influenza virus ,WHO In most seasons, the recommended influenza vaccine group branch updates one or more strains .

And 2019-2020 Year on year ,2020-2021 Among the vaccines used during the influenza epidemic season in the northern hemisphere in ,A(H1N1) Subtype 、A(H3N2) Subtypes and B type Victoria All the viruses have changed strains .

2) Degree of immune attenuation

The immunity of human body to influenza virus infection or influenza vaccine will decline over time , The degree of attenuation is related to people's age and physical condition 、 Vaccine antigen and other factors , Evidence tips of clinical trials , The protective effect of inactivated influenza vaccine against the original similar strain can be maintained 6-8 Months . The serum antibody level decreased significantly one year after inoculation , However, the protective effect of some strains can last longer . Since the antibody titer of most vaccinators has decreased significantly, no matter whether they were vaccinated with influenza vaccine in the previous season , Vaccination is still recommended before the flu season of the year .

3、 ... and 、 Vaccination procedure :

6 Month age -8 Year old children : First influenza vaccination 6 Month age -8 Children should be vaccinated twice , interval ≥4 Zhou ;2019-2020 Children who have received one or more doses of influenza vaccine every year or before , One dose is recommended .

9 Children and adults aged and over : Vaccination only 1 agent .

Four 、 Precautions for vaccination :

1、 Persons known to be allergic to any component of the vaccine ; Suffering from acute disease 、 Severe chronic disease 、 Acute attack of chronic diseases and fever ; Patients with uncontrolled epilepsy and other progressive nervous system diseases 、 Yes, green - Patients with a history of Barre syndrome , You can't get the vaccine .

2、 Family and individual with history of convulsion 、 People with chronic diseases 、 Persons with history of epilepsy 、 Those with allergic constitution should use it with caution .

3、 Immunoglobulins should be injected at least once a week 1 Vaccinate the vaccine for more than months , So as not to affect the immune effect .

4、 Any neurological response after injection , Do not reuse .

5、 It is not recommended to vaccinate with Xinguan vaccine at the same time , The recommended vaccination interval is greater than 14 God .

In order to protect the masses before the flu season , The influenza vaccination work of Hunan CDC has officially started , It is suggested that citizens should complete the immunization work before the end of October . For those who fail to complete the vaccination ahead of time, it is still recommended to vaccinate in time , Because there is still a risk of influenza virus infection throughout the epidemic season .

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