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Electric vehicles carry passengers illegally and escape in an accident

2021-08-27 12:36:38 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent   Max ) In recent days, , A traffic accident occurred in Chenzhou City where electric vehicles were illegally operated , Electric car driver Li carries a student Jiang (12 year ), In the front section of the family area of China Construction Bank, Yanquan South Road , Passenger Jiang fell off the electric car , Driver Li fled the scene . After receiving the police call from the masses , The police rushed to the scene to deal with . Upon enquiry , Student Jiang is going to school , Took Li's illegally operated electric vehicle , Because the electric car seat is too low , Jiang's feet dragged , As a result, Jiang fell off the electric car .

The traffic police handled the scene of the accident .

Under the pressure of the public security organs , Li surrendered to the accident squadron of the first traffic police brigade the next day . After investigation , Li did not drive on the prescribed road , And after a traffic accident on the road, in order to escape legal responsibility , Take full responsibility for the traffic accident . according to 《 Road Traffic Safety Law of the people's Republic of China 》 Relevant provisions , Li Mou's illegal act of escape was punished with 500 A fine of $ . in addition , Bear all medical expenses of the injured .

The traffic police introduced , Take illegally operated “ motorcycle-taxi ” Low safety factor , Most of the vehicles have been modified , The technical conditions of the vehicle cannot meet the safety requirements , And the illegal operation of electric vehicles itself is an illegal act , These electric car drivers avoid law enforcement inspections , I often stop everywhere 、 Driving in reverse 、 Break the ban 、 overload 、 Speeding 、 Grab the red light 、 Traffic violations such as rushing to the road with motor vehicles , For road safety 、 The personal safety of passengers and traffic order have a great impact , There are major hidden dangers . Due to the complex composition of drivers , No insurance , In the event of an accident , Passengers' medical treatment and rights cannot be guaranteed , Passengers are likely to complain that there is no door , Their legitimate rights and interests are not protected .

The traffic police reminded , Taking an illegal vehicle is risky , Don't make fun of life safety , Never take an illegal car !

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