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Loudi holds large-scale nucleic acid detection practice

2021-08-27 12:41:09 Red Net

Red net moment Loudi 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zou Wuxiong Peng min )8 month 23 Japan , Loudi held a large-scale nucleic acid detection practice in the central urban area . Secretary of the municipal Party committee 、 Liu Fei, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, went to the nucleic acid sampling point to observe and guide .

The drill was held simultaneously in ganzichong community and Hongyuan community , From Loudi traditional Chinese medicine hospital 、 Louxing District People's hospital is responsible for nucleic acid sampling , A total of medical personnel were dispatched 120 Many people ,500 Several community workers 、 Volunteers participate in on-site organization and service guarantee , The sampling scale reached nearly 10000 people .

The drill shall be organized in strict accordance with the actual combat requirements , Sealing management shall be implemented in relevant communities , Organize residents to go downstairs in time according to the building , Residents wear masks 、 Keep a safe distance and line up , Take your temperature 、 After checking the code, enter the nucleic acid sampling point , Each sampling point has 4 A collection station , Set up a waiting area 、 Information registration area 、 Collection area 、 Temporary isolation area, etc , Ensure that the nucleic acid sampling workflow is smooth 、 Well organized 、 Fast and efficient .

Liu Fei came to ganzichong community and Hongyuan community successively , Learn more about the preparation for actual combat drill 、 The organization 、 Process specification, etc . Liu Fei stressed , We should conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping's important directive spirit on epidemic prevention and control , Deeply understand the complexity of epidemic prevention and control , Always be alert , Strengthen bottom line thinking , Improve various prevention and control measures .

Liu Fei pointed out , Nucleic acid detection is the implementation of “ Four morning ” Key initiatives required , If large-scale nucleic acid testing is needed , What are our organizational and practical testing capabilities , You must know well . Only through actual combat practice , Put the plan into practice , In order to transform theoretical ability into practical ability , Ensure that in the event of an epidemic , We can safely 、 Orderly 、 Efficiently carry out large-scale nucleic acid detection . His request , The office of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters shall carefully summarize the experience of the exercise , Insufficient search , Further improve the program 、 Refine the process , Provide standardized guidance for the whole staff of the city in nucleic acid detection ; All counties and cities should learn from the experience of this exercise , Choose a point in urban and rural areas , Carry out actual combat drills , Effectively improve the epidemic emergency response capacity .

Municipal leader Wu Jianping 、 Fang Jianrong 、 Zhao Yingliang 、 Hu Zhongwei and others watched the drill , Counties and urban areas 、 The main person in charge of the political party of Loudi Economic Development Zone attended the observation and study .

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