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Taking "intervention speed" as the core: analyzing the wrong cognition of supercharging

2021-08-27 12:49:21 Oriental Information automobile

The supercharger is better than the turbocharger , Because the intervention speed is low !

I believe most car lovers who like to play with cars have heard this sentence , As for whether you agree or not, there are different opinions ; From a technical point of view, we really can't say that this conclusion is wrong , But it also has the smell of enlarged interpretation , Strictly speaking, superchargers are not “ Early intervention ” It is 「 Full time operation 」.

What is intervention ?

The so-called intervention here means that the supercharger starts running , The essence of supercharger is air compressor or compressor , To start running is to start compressed air ; The purpose of compressed air is to improve the combustion adequacy of fuel , Internal combustion engines can't make full use of fuel (100%) Reactive , Because the work time is too short 、 The oxygen content in the air is too low , The essence of combustion is oxidation reaction . Therefore, even if the pressurization technology is adopted to improve the oxygen concentration in the air , The standard is only to appropriately improve the sufficiency of combustion , So is it that the higher the air oxygen concentration 、 The more it burns ? That's the answer . The earlier the speed involved in operation 、 The better the combustion adequacy in the low speed range , To put it bluntly, the torque will be greater , This seems to show that the supercharger is better .

chart 1: Before and after compression 、 Air oxygen content difference in fixed space

chart 2: Normal pressure ( Naturally aspirated ) Combustion flame state and pressurized combustion state

chart 3: Concept of supercharger

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