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Tesla: the probability of fuel truck fire is much higher than Tesla

2021-08-27 13:03:06 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 23 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Electric cars , In particular, the fire of Tesla electric vehicle can often become hot news . However, according to the data provided by Tesla , The fire probability of fuel vehicles is much higher than that of Tesla .

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2020 Annual impact report (2020 Impact Report) in , The data provided by Tesla shows that ,2019 year , There have been nearly 19 Ten thousand car fires , But only a small part of it involves electric vehicles ; from 2012 Year to 2020 year , About every drive 2.05 There will be a Tesla car fire in 100 million kilometers . by comparison , According to the National Fire Protection Association and the U.S. Department of transportation , Every car in the United States 0.3 There was a car fire 100 million kilometers away .

For proper comparison with NFPA data , Tesla's data set includes information from building fires 、 Examples of vehicle fires caused by arson and other causes unrelated to the vehicle . Battery fires are rare , But it did happen ーー Chevrolet (chevrolet) Recently recalled 5.1 Thousands of cars Bolt electric vehicle , The cause of the fire seems to be a defective battery module .

Of course , Tesla and other car manufacturers are designing their battery packs , Will try to minimize the risk of fire . Tesla co-founder mark ・ Tapenning (Marc Tarpenning) Once said , Each battery in the Tesla battery pack is isolated from adjacent batteries , In this way, overheating of a single battery will not cause a chain reaction . Sensors are also installed inside the battery pack , Used to monitor the acceleration of electric vehicles 、 Slow down and tilt , Check whether the battery collides , Whether smoke or overheating occurs .

Tesla said it would continue to improve the chemical composition of the battery 、 Battery structure 、 Passive safety of battery pack structure and vehicle , To minimize the risk of fire .

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