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150000 fuel-efficient and big space. These three cars are worth seeing

2021-08-27 13:03:23 New car tribe

as everyone knows , Domestic consumers pay most attention to large space when buying a car , Many people feel comfortable sitting in a large space , Even face . however , With the recent rising oil prices , The cost of using cars has been paid more and more attention , In particular, young families will take into account fuel consumption when buying a car , In terms of fuel consumption, hybrid cars naturally have more advantages . Well, looking at what young families favor 15 Ten thousand price range , Hybrid models that can take into account both space and fuel consumption are scarce , Today we recommend three , See who is more worth starting with !

Recommended models : GAC Honda Lingpai

The guided :9.98-16.98 Ten thousand yuan

The design of Ling school is very in line with Chinese Aesthetics , Strong lines , The body is slender , The visual effect is very atmospheric ! The front face is penetrated by a thick chrome plating to the left and right headlamp groups , The visual effect is very exquisite , The headlight groups on both sides have LED Light source composition , It looks very technical . The side part , Full of lines , The design of two double waist lines is also the consistent design idea of Ling School . The rear effect is full , Both sides C The zigzag tail lamp group is also one of Honda's family designs in recent years , After lighting at night, there is a certain degree of recognition .

Central control part , Ling school adopts symmetrical design , The layout of the middle functional area is relatively clear , So it's very easy to operate , In terms of materials , There are a lot of leather materials wrapped on the center console , Both visual effect and actual touch feel are very textured .

configuration , Lingpai is equipped with Honda's unique HondaSENSING Active safety function , It contains a band LSF Of ACC Active Cruise 、CMBS Collision release braking 、LKAS Lane Keeping Assist 、RDM Lane offset suppression 、TSR Traffic signs 、LWC A series of active safety configurations such as blind spot display .

In space , The wheelbase of Lingpai is 2730mm, Size data has advantages in the same level , Plus Honda's unique MM Space concept , Create a leapfrog space in the carriage , Especially in the back , Ling Pai's leg space is comparable to that of medium and high-end cars , In addition to the spacious ride space , Lingpai's space flexibility is also excellent , The rear central armrest also adds a small folding table design , Very practical for families with children .

motivation , Ling paiyou 1.0T Fuel version and 1.5L Hybrid version , The hybrid version is equipped with Honda's third generation i-MMD Hybrid system , The system consists of 1.5L Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine 、 Electrically coupled continuously variable transmission 、IPU Power unit and PCU Power control unit and power control device . Driving , The system can be used in pure electricity 、 Switch between hybrid and engine modes according to different driving conditions , So as to ensure that the vehicle maintains sufficient power output at all times .

Recommended models : Gac Toyota lei ling

The guided :11.38-15.28 Ten thousand yuan

Leiling's front looks flat , The pressed down hood looks sporty , The irregular headlights on both sides of the front are full of personality , The China network adopts the top-down layered design , Large area cellular network is adopted for the lower and middle network . The side section looks compact ,4640mm From the data, we can see that the car captain is slightly inferior to Ling pai . The rear part of the car is relatively short , The tail light groups on both sides are connected by a black trim panel , Visually show a bit of youth .

Leiling's interior design is very simple , The asymmetric center console is designed vertically , Although the layout of the functional area is very clear , However, because the operation panel is relatively vertical , So the actual operation is not very easy , Including the angle of looking at the screen is not convenient , The ergonomic design is still a little unsatisfactory .

Space part , Leiling's wheelbase 2700mm, The data conforms to the standard of contract level , But the actual ride is not satisfactory , The rear legroom is very limited , Head space is also depressed , Plus the wide design of the front seats , The spacious feeling and daylighting of the whole rear row are very poor , The whole back row space can only be described by making do .

motivation , The leiling twin engine version is made by 1.8L Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine 、 Exclusive to motors and hybrid systems E-CVT The transmission consists of . The comprehensive power of the whole system is 90kW, In actual driving , Leiling's power is relatively soft , The power take-off is gradual , Less explosive , Suitable for Buddhist driving consumers .

Recommended models : FAW Toyota Corolla

The guided :10.98-15.98 Ten thousand yuan

Carola is getting younger and younger in appearance design , The design similar to the air inlet on both sides of the front enclosure is quite powerful , The lower medium grid adopts large-area black grid design . The side part , Carola and rayling have exactly the same outline , But from the sense of line , Carola and leiling are not as dynamic as Ling School , There is a bit more moderation in vision . The rear part , Carola looks calm , The chrome plated trim strip line between the tail lamp groups on both sides is more exquisite .

interiors , Carola's design is simple , The dazzle rich large screen on the center console has become one of the design highlights in the car , But because the screen is thick , General clarity , So make complaints about it by netizens " Big color TV ", From the perspective of actual use effect , Due to the high screen design , Therefore, the line of sight will be blocked during driving , This also shows that the designer did not fully consider it at the beginning of the design .

In space , Carola's performance is consistent with leiling ,2700MM The wheelbase of can only be said to be qualified in the same level , The actual riding effect is not excellent , Sitting in the back of Carola is just enough .

motivation , Carola and leiling use the same dual engine system , The power system consists of 1.8L Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine 、 Exclusive to motors and hybrid systems E-CVT The transmission consists of . Comprehensive power of the whole system 90kW.

From the perspective of vehicle cost , Japanese cars do have some advantages , What's more, all three cars are hybrid cars , Both have considerable fuel consumption performance , It can save more costs for daily travel , It's really exciting . These three recommended models have their own highlights , It also has a good performance in configuration and space , I believe that for consumers who value fuel consumption and space , Will be the right choice .

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