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Yang Yiwen meets with Xiao Gaohua, chairman of CRRC electric

2021-08-27 13:22:43 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 Day synthesis ( Reporter of Changde daily Wang Weijie Pei Weiwei / writing Pei Weiwei / chart )8 month 23 Japan , Yang Yiwen, Secretary of Changde Municipal Party committee, met with CRRC times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ CRRC Electric Co., Ltd ”) Secretary of the party committee 、 Chairman Xiao Gaohua and his party , The two sides held discussions on promoting the new energy of public transport and the integration of urban and rural passenger transport .

Yang Yiwen, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, presided over and made a speech .

Party secretary of CRRC times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd 、 Chairman Xiao Gaohua made a speech .

Meet with the scene .

Yang Yiwen said , all the time , Changde is committed to further optimizing public transport services , Provide efficient and smooth travel environment for citizens and tourists to travel green , I hope CRRC can give Changde more support , Realize mutual benefit and win-win situation . Relevant departments at all levels in Changde will take the lead in supporting 、 Take the lead as 、 Innovative ideas , focusing “ Double carbon ” The goal is , Actively connect with the construction of new energy transportation projects , Pay close attention to relevant work , Focus on exploring “ Double carbon ” The development opportunities of Rural Revitalization Strategy under the background , Constantly promote the high-quality economic and social development of Changde .

Xiao Gaohua said , Thank Changde Municipal Party Committee 、 The municipal government has always been concerned about and supported CRRC electric . I hope the two sides can further deepen cooperation , Develop more products to meet the needs of the market and the city , To develop intelligent transportation 、 Make greater and more contributions to building a green city .

Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee 、 Luo Xiandong, Secretary General of the municipal Party committee , Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changde economic development zone 、 Zou Rulong, director of the management committee, attended the meeting .

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