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Zhangjiajie: the nurse incarnates as a bosom sister and is psychologically empowered to guard the cute baby

2021-08-27 13:22:53 Red Net

Nurse incarnation “ Bosom sister ”

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Li Yong ) Anti epidemic work is not only a struggle with COVID-19 “ A tough battle ”, It is also a struggle against bad psychology and emotions “ Defensive warfare ”, except “ hardcore ” In addition to medical protection ,“ flexible ” Psychological protection is also essential . In recent days, , Two nurses from the maternal and child health care hospital of Yongding District, Zhangjiajie who served as medical security at the isolation point of Tianchong Juntai Hotel , avatar “ Bosom sister ”, Enlighten and help children untie their heart knot , Guard Meng Wa's heart .

XiuXiu, who is in the third grade of primary school ( alias ) And dad to Tianchong Juntai isolation has been fast 14 days , Mother and brother are isolated to another hotel , Xiaoxiuxiu is usually introverted , Long isolation and missing my mother and brother , I'm in a low mood , There has been crying recently 、 Temper tantrums , Clamoring to get out , No matter how Dad coaxes me . When you know what's going on , Luo Xiaochun, who is in charge of medical security in the hotel 、 Wang Dan took advantage of the opportunity of daily routine ward rounds for temperature monitoring , While paying attention to her health , Pay more attention to her psychological problems , Give her psychological care , Strengthen communication , Calming her nerves .

“ XiuXiu , Where do you go to school , What do you want to do most after the release of isolation ? What snacks do you like to eat at ordinary times ?” Twice a day health patrol , The medical staff will specially communicate with her , XiuXiu is also silent from the beginning 、 Cowardice , To the exchange of your questions and answers , Gradually she opened her heart , Take the initiative to speak more , There are more smiles on my face , My character has also become cheerful , When she learned that it was inconvenient for her to study without a desk , The medical staff took the initiative to coordinate with the hotel , Brought her tables and stools , You don't have to study in bed anymore ; I learned that she hasn't eaten snacks for a long time , Luo Xiaochun 、 Wang Dan also gave her his own chocolate 、 candy 、 milk 、 Mineral water 、 Instant noodles, etc , Wang Dan also brought his magic cube to relieve boredom , Play games with her , Although the time for each communication and play is very limited , But she was still very happy , Expect the medical staff to arrive on time every day , Seeing my daughter's mood turn around , Her father is also very happy , Thank you all the time . The medical staff also specially left her phone number and wechat , Let her get in touch whenever she needs to .

Spring breeze turns into rain, moistening buds , Quietly release the knot . The hotel is not just an isolated place , It's more of a “ home ”, A different battlefield , The same war “ Epidemic disease ”, They use patience and true feelings to create “ home ” The warmth of , Deliver the temperature of women and children with efficient and humanized services , Support the isolated children with love and responsibility, and the heart is clear , Under their guard , Mengwa firmly believes that the epidemic will pass soon , You can happily carry your schoolbag to school again .

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