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School enterprise "epidemic" line battle, Hunan College of traditional Chinese medicine students guard "sunset red" with love

2021-08-27 13:22:58 Red Net

Interns majoring in elderly service and management in Hunan College of traditional Chinese medicine are walking with the elderly

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent He Wei )7 End of month , The novel coronavirus pneumonia has returned . The elderly as a susceptible and high-risk group of the virus , Prevention and control is the top priority . Various elderly care and disabled care institutions have taken a series of epidemic prevention and control measures , For the elderly and the Disabled “ Safety net ”. In a hurry 、 difficult 、 risk 、 Heavy in front of , A group of students from the elderly service and management major of Hunan College of traditional Chinese medicine “00 after ” Students incarnate as “ heroes who put themselves in harm's way ”, Served as Shengkang in Zhuzhou City • The little housekeeper of the old people in the international nursing home . They are the first batch of elderly service and management interns arranged by the school in Shengkang enterprise . After the anti epidemic battle started , Students collectively give up the opportunity to reunite with their families , Together with all the staff of Shengkang nursing home , Make every effort to build a firm for the elderly “ Protective wall ”, Carry out family friendly services , With the responsibility of youth , The great love of youth , Protect this touch together “ sunset ”.

Fancy and considerate service , Let the elderly “ Don't go out ” Also feel relaxed

“ Whine 、 娭 , Good morning , It's such a fine day today , Let's go out for a walk .” Early in the morning , a group “ Guardian in blue ” Pushing a wheelchair , Accompany the disabled old man for a walk in the nursing home , Share the fun of their lives with each other .

Strict epidemic prevention and control measures , It has changed the lifestyle of the elderly and their relatives in the pension Center , They tend to miss and worry , Inevitably irritable and anxious . So , Schools and enterprises take measures together , Protect the physical and mental health of the elderly . Interns are inseparable from the elderly every day , Add a little fun to their monotonous life .

In order to let the old man and his family “ Zero distance ”, Students use mobile phone network to voice online , Help the elderly and their families in the hospital “ Family connection ”, Guide the elderly and relatives to report peace through video 、 Nagging at home . Every day , The housekeepers will the life of the elderly in the institution 、 Activities 、 entertainment 、 Take pictures of exercise and other scenes , Send it to family members regularly , Comforting thoughts 、 Reduce concerns 、 Eliminate anxiety . meanwhile , Students cooperate with enterprises , Widely adopt individual telephone 、 Continuous contact information such as group release , Communicate closely with relatives of the elderly , Timely report the nursing situation of the elderly 、 Physical condition , Reassure relatives 、 Settle down 、 Don't worry .

“ Whine 、 娭 , It's time to do exercises , Let's do the flat swing .” Every day in the morning , Small tube families will gently tell the elderly on all floors to do exercises on time , Help some elderly people with inconvenient legs and feet to participate in exercise .

In order to make the old people move 、 Play 、 Have fun , This group of young people always try their best , Organize and plan all kinds of colorful chess games 、 Playing mahjong 、 paper-cut 、 Music and other activities , Constantly create new experiences for the elderly .19 Yang Shuting, an intern majoring in elderly service and management, said :“ Old age is also life , Not just food and clothing 、 Security 、 Basic needs such as health , We should live decently 、 dignity , Live a wonderful life at this age .”

The service is constantly on file , Meticulous care warms the heart of the elderly

Early in the morning , The nursing home has not fully awakened , The housekeepers went to each functional area floor early , In an orderly way 、 cleaning 、 Accompany the elderly 、 Help the bedridden old man turn over 、 Change diapers 、 fed 、 Nursing work such as nasal feeding .

In the eyes of old people , These little housekeepers are intimate and warm “ Granddaughter ”, It's another in life “ Little adult ”. Old people trust and love them , I am willing to share with them any difficulties in life , I will also say when I see their busy figure :“ slow down , Don't worry , Caution! .”

“ Routine minor ailments , Can be treated in the hospital without leaving home .” Ma Bilan, President of the nursing home, said :“ In order to reduce the risk of the elderly going out for medical treatment , We provide basic diagnosis, treatment and health care services for the elderly . Interns majoring in elderly service and management in Hunan College of traditional Chinese medicine will regularly measure blood pressure for the elderly 、 Temperature 、 blood sugar , Distribute drugs, etc , Protect the health of the elderly .” Mabilan told us , For the peace of mind of the elderly , The parents will accompany the elderly for injections every day , Make meals for the elderly who are inconvenient to go back to the floor .

“ You're in your twenties , What's the point of hanging out with a group of old people all day ?” Intern Tang Min is often asked such questions . She said , When peers come in and out of office buildings , Drinking coffee in a clean office , In the conference room, the investment and planning plan were discussed , They're changing the old man's diapers 、 Scrub your body , Inevitably suffer from their own relatives and friends 、 The elderly and their families do not understand or blame , I was struggling inside .“ But I think of the last period of the old man's life , I've been taking care of and accompanying them , I fear life more , I also love this career more .” Tang Min said , It is with this awe and faith , After a full and busy day , She and her classmates will use their spare time to consolidate their operational knowledge , Try to improve your professional skills , Just to better serve the elderly , Make their later life more comfortable .

“ Obedient ”“ major ”“ careful ”“ Good service attitude ” The housekeepers take care of their lives carefully , Warm spiritual care and psychological comfort , Won the general recognition of the elderly and relatives . He Wei, the head teacher of the nursing home, was full of praise for the performance of the interns :“ During the epidemic , The children of the College of traditional Chinese medicine have been sticking to their internships ,1 I haven't been out of the nursing home for months , Eat and live with the old people every day , Really excellent , The old people are very relieved !”

Warm support of enterprises , The hard work of interns , The tolerance and understanding of the elderly , It is bound to become the basis for further deepening cooperation between schools and enterprises , Students further improve their business skills , The firm confidence and inexhaustible power of the whole society to further improve the quality of elderly service and management .

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