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Anti epidemic diary | protect everyone at all times in order to protect the family

2021-08-27 13:23:43 Red Net

Li Zhiping is busy with the information entry of isolation personnel .

8 month 16 Japan 0 these 24 when , Zhangjiajie's first round of COVID-19 added zero , As of today, it has been continuous 7 There are no new cases in the past few days . after 20 Multi day resistance “ Epidemic disease ” Fight , The city is about to be built by “ Pause ” To “ restart ”, Thousands of people are watching 、 The day of joy is coming .

7 month 29 Japan , With novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhangjiajie, the first case occurred. , The war of resistance against epidemic prevention and control came undeclared . An epidemic is an order , All staff of Yongding District Bureau of statistics actively responded to the challenge under the leadership of director Luo Yi , Start to guard all road checkpoints . meanwhile , All public officials ( party member ) They also began to visit their community ( village committee ) To report for duty , Take the initiative to volunteer , In my spare time, I also participated in the volunteer work of guarding the gate of the community . The virus is racing against us , The number of confirmed cases is increasing day by day , The work of prevention and control duty points and units shall be taken into account , I finally felt the unprecedented pressure .

8 month 7 Japan , I was transferred to the blue bay Borg isolation point to be responsible for information entry , The family left a wife and 2 Children at the age of . The isolation point works irregularly , With the frequent delivery of hotel isolation personnel to , We had little time to rest for the first few days . Besides , If necessary , We will also assist medical staff in nucleic acid testing . The intense work makes me tired , Fatigue . classmate 、 My colleagues kept reminding me to have a rest , Increase resistance . In order not to disturb my rest and work , He made an appointment with me , If you don't get her call , It means everything is well at home . Once my son asked me why I didn't go home , I thought for a long time. , I just told him :“ Daddy came home , How to protect you and mom ?” For the first time in my life , I suddenly felt a moment of crisis , Only by protecting everyone can we protect our family .

8 month 11 Japan , Yang Lingli of Zhangjiajie Municipal Bureau of statistics, who fought side by side at the same isolation point, worked hard for several consecutive days , He fainted from overwork and was taken to hospital , Other colleagues are still fighting tenaciously on the front line . I was wearing glasses , Due to wearing the mask for a long time, two deep marks have been worn on the ears , Sometimes blood flows out , I can only use paper towels , It can not only stop bleeding, but also increase the stress area .“ We can all stick to it ”, When leaders understand our physical condition , We spoke with one voice , Because we have the same belief in overcoming the epidemic :“ The epidemic continues , We don't return !”.

8 month 16 Japan , After a long fight with the virus , We finally ushered in the first day of clearing . With the fast forward key pressed , Wulingyuan District 、 Cili County 、 Sangzhi County 8 month 22 Traffic control was lifted on the 1st , The last nucleic acid test in Yongding District has also been successfully completed , The day of resumption of work and production is coming ……

Special August , Let's shoulder the important task of caring for everyone , Because of the epidemic , We stick together in the name of love . There is only one in Zhangjiajie 170 A tourist town of 10000 people , Facing the epidemic situation , unite , Unity is strength , What unity and warmth .

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