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Hunan Baige water conservancy: building a solid defense against the epidemic

2021-08-27 13:24:44 Red Net

Red net time correspondent Xiang Rao Wang Zhuo Zhong Jianhua Changsha report

Prevention and control of New Coronavirus pneumonia , Hunan Baige Water Conservancy Construction Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as Baige water conservancy ) Stick to prevention 、 Always adhere to the unremitting work policy , Implement the new requirements for epidemic prevention and control quickly, strictly, practically and carefully , Weaving epidemic prevention and control network , Build a solid defense line for the development of the company and the health of employees .

Send an emergency “ Mobilization order ”

The epidemic is a mobilization order . Hunan Baige water conservancy epidemic prevention and control leading group mobilized and deployed for the first time , Issue quickly 《 Notice on the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in the near future 》, All subordinate units of the company are required to attach great importance to it , Accurately study and judge the epidemic situation , Scientific planning of project construction progress , Epidemic prevention should be further strengthened 、 Production is not relaxed , We will comprehensively promote epidemic prevention and control and production and operation .

All subordinate units of the company acted quickly , Implement detailed prevention and control requirements with strict work discipline , Cut off the transmission route of the epidemic , Build a strong anti epidemic safety barrier . Cadres and workers voluntarily give up their leave , Into this special battle .

One table for each person in the canteen .

Press anti epidemic “ Shortcut key ”

Hunan Baige water conservancy Co., Ltd “ A game of chess 、 One heart 、 A lot of energy ”, Promote the implementation of prevention and control .

They quickly organized Changde 、 zhangjiajie 、 Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture 、 Investigation of Ningxiang residence history personnel , Horizontal to side , Vertical to bottom , The scope of investigation covers in-service cadres and employees 、 External staff and interns and their families living together , Troubleshooting personnel 2600 More than one , leave no one behind , No dead ends , Ensure full coverage . meanwhile , Set temperature measuring points as required , Temperature measurement of personnel entering 、 Inspection “ Two yards ”, Build a road at the fastest speed “ External defense input ” Solid barrier . Actively promoting COVID-19 vaccination , Supervise and urge employees and their families to take over .

There are many projects for the construction company 、 Extensive practical , Hunan Baige water conservancy requires all project departments to actively cooperate with the territory to carry out epidemic prevention and control , Focus on the labor team 、 Health status of temporary employees , Strictly control secret connection or yellow code 、 Mobilization of red code personnel . Daily monitoring of Fiji 、 Temperature of project staff in the Central African Republic , Report any abnormality immediately .

Up to now , There was no case of epidemic infection or close contact in Baige water conservancy in Hunan Province .

“ We have turned the achievements of party history learning and education into a powerful driving force for epidemic prevention and control , In depth practice ‘ I do practical things for the masses ’, Protect the life, health and safety of employees with practical actions .” Deputy Secretary of Hunan Baige water conservancy Party committee 、 Wang Hong, chairman of the trade union, said the key .

Young Volunteers serve the masses .

Blow youth “ Assembly number ”

In view of the complex and severe epidemic prevention situation , The community issued a volunteer recruitment order . Hunan Baige water conservancy Youth League Committee responded immediately , Young volunteers are moved by orders 、 Step forward bravely , Act as the front line of epidemic prevention “ The waiter ”“ Fighters ”“ propagandist ”“ health worker ”, Demonstrate the bold responsibility of Baige water conservancy youth with practical actions , Become a war “ Epidemic disease ” The cutest person on the front line .

Wearing a red vest , Shoulder the mission . They fought side by side with the medical staff , Cooperate with relevant departments to carry out nucleic acid detection , Assist in matching residents “ Two yards ” Information ; They work together with community workers , At the import and export duty card point , Help measure body temperature 、 Inspection “ Two yards ”.

“ Hello! , Please don't gather !”“ Hello! , Please wear a mask !”“ Hello! ! Please step back , Keep before and after 1 Meter interval .”…… The volunteers reminded the residents again and again .

The sun is burning , The sweat soon soaked the red vest , But they are not afraid “ bake ” Examination , No complaints , Patiently provide guidance to the masses 、 Reception 、 Q & a service .

“ Baige water conservancy, good !”“ Young man , hard !”…… The crowd gave thumbs up to the young volunteers one after another , Praise them as a first-line volunteer , It is the most beautiful scenery .

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