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Yongzhou: Jiang Yong's mobile vaccination of "sending seedlings to the door" warms people's hearts

2021-08-27 13:24:47 Red Net

The mobile vaccination service team in Jiangyong County .

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Wen Yongjun Li Zhongsheng ) At present , It is the critical period of vaccination , However, some residents failed to vaccinate in time due to inconvenient movement and other reasons . In this case , Jiangyong County timely set up a mobile vaccination service team to carry out vaccination in villages and households , It is not only convenient for residents to vaccinate , More time saving 、 Increase of efficiency , It greatly facilitates the elderly 、 People with disabilities 、 People in remote mountainous areas are vaccinated , Realization “ Keep running , The masses run less ”, Do the good thing of vaccination 、 Do a good job , Provide convenient services for the masses , Accelerate the construction of population immune barrier .

In recent days , The mobile vaccination service vehicle of Xinguan vaccine in Jiangyong County enters the community 、 Into the countryside , Provide humanization for the masses 、 Individualization 、 All round friendly service , It was warmly welcomed by the masses .8 month 21 Early in the morning , The county Xinguan vaccine mobile vaccination service vehicle drives into the county 45 In the mountain of hanjiangyuan village, xiachuanpu Town, km ,16 As soon as the famous doctors and nurses get off the bus, they quickly start their work . preview 、 registration 、 Inoculate 、 keep in the hospital for observation …… The medical staff and soldiers are divided in two ways , A group of medical staff set up temporary vaccination sites , Measure the body temperature of the people who come to vaccinate themselves 、 Blood pressure , Carry out epidemiological investigation, etc , Vaccinate the villagers according to the standard process ; Another group of medical staff brought medical equipment to the village and entered the house , Carry out door-to-door service and vaccination for each person who is inconvenient to walk . After the villager Uncle Li injected the first new crown vaccine , Happy to say :“ Thank you, medical staff , I'm old , It's inconvenient to go out , Door to door vaccination has helped me a lot , I'm relieved to be vaccinated !”“ The new crown vaccination mobile service car is convenient and fast , Villagers can set up a process at the door and complete the pre inspection of vaccination in an orderly manner 、 registration 、 Inoculate 、 keep in the hospital for observation , It is not only convenient for people to vaccinate , It can save time and improve efficiency , Through the last kilometer of vaccination .” Luo Yihua, a cadre of the village, said .

By 8 month 22 Japan , Jiangyong County has become Songbai Yao township 、 Xialaipu town 、 Lanxi Yao Township and other townships have carried out mobile vaccination services , Inoculate 1200 Residual agent times , The inoculation efficiency is effectively improved . Mobile vaccination has been supported and actively cooperated by the villagers , They all said : Now the national policy is too good , Not only are vaccines free , Protect our lives and health , And door-to-door service , Considerate and thoughtful . Mobile vaccination doctors also said : Mobile service car “ Come and grow ” The advantages are obvious , Next, we will continue to carry out in-depth mobile vaccination , Drive the service car to remote mountainous areas , Deliver more conveniences and services to people's homes .

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