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I always feel that my stool is not clean? Caution is a sign of gastrointestinal disease

2021-08-27 13:24:51 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Shu Li ) Normal physiological activities of human body during defecation , But if you often have the feeling of poor defecation , It will still be very distressing . Recently, many netizens have consulted , Every time you defecate , How is it that I always feel that my stool is not clean ? Is there something wrong with your body ?

Regarding this , Yu Rengui, a gastroenterologist at Changsha Dongda anorectal Hospital, said , Defecation is not clean , It's also called endless defecation , This is an abnormal symptom reaction during defecation , Feel embarrassed when defecating 、 Poor defecation or want to defecate after defecation . Stool usually reflects a person's health , If you often have a feeling of incomplete defecation , Yu Rengui reminds , To be alert is the signal of gastrointestinal diseases .

1、 Gastrointestinal dysfunction

Gastrointestinal dysfunction is also called gastrointestinal neurosis , Irregular diet 、 Too much pressure, etc , Can affect the normal activities of gastrointestinal function , Then cause gastrointestinal dysfunction , Appear as abdominal distension 、 Dyspepsia and other symptoms . besides , Patients often feel like defecating .

2、 Outlet obstructive constipation

Outlet obstructive constipation is also called rectal constipation or pelvic floor muscle dysfunction , It refers to the tissue near the defecation exit 、 Changes in organs , A syndrome that causes difficulty defecating or custodial constipation . The main symptoms are , The patient will feel that defecation is laborious , Feel endless or falling , Less defecation , Having or lacking convenience .

3、 Intestinal inflammation

For example, when you have enteritis , The intestines will always be “ I want to pull ” The state of , Even a little shit , Will feel like defecating , So I often go to the toilet .

4、 Intestinal polyps

If you often feel like defecating , But when I went to the toilet, I couldn't pull it out , Also consider that there are polyps in the intestines , Intestinal polyps can cause intestinal duct blockage , Bring discomfort to the patient .

5、 The intestines are swollen

If there is a tumor in the intestine , In the early stage, it is generally not easy to detect , Therefore, if you often have a feeling of unclean defecation , Need to be vigilant .

Changsha Dongda anorectal Hospital reminds , The problem of defecation can be large or small , If you often have endless defecation 、 After pulling, I still want to pull , Attention should be paid to , Go to a regular professional hospital in time , Find out why , Carry out scientific and reasonable treatment under the advice of doctors .

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