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Steady financial operation achieved high-quality growth, and Yuexiu medium-term contract sales increased by 26.1% year-on-year

2021-08-27 13:24:56 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zhou Wei ) since 2020 From the second half of , The regulation of the national real estate market is becoming more and more strict , The real estate industry has entered a stage of profound change and new transformation . The development trend of the mainstream of the industry is gradually towards financial stability 、 The high-quality model of diversified development is inclined .

8 month 18 Japan , Yuexiu Real Estate Co., Ltd. disclosed 2021 First half year performance . Announcement shows that , Yuexiu real estate seized the opportunity of continued rebound in the market in the first half of the year , Implement effective business strategies , The contract sales amount is about RMB 473.8 One hundred million yuan , rose 26.1%. The operating income in the first half of the year was about RMB 242.4 One hundred million yuan , rose 2.2%; The profit attributable to equity holders is about RMB 23 One hundred million yuan , rose 15.3%. The core net profit is about RMB 21 One hundred million yuan , rose 5.6%.

In the market environment of repeated epidemics and tightening macro policies , Yuexiu real estate can maintain steady development 、 The good trend of seeking progress while maintaining stability , It is inseparable from its healthy financial performance and outstanding resource integration advantages , This also reflects adhering to the long-term stable operation , Or it will become the key to breaking the situation in the new stage of industry development .

The advantages of sound financial strategy are prominent , Recognized by many rating agencies

According to the first half performance announcement , The asset liability ratio of Yuexiu real estate excluding advance receipts 、 The net debt ratio and cash short debt ratio are 69.4%、49.8% and 1.8 times , Realized “ Three red lines ” Zero step line , All indicators remain “ Green file ” level , The main financial indicators are stable and good , Financial risks are effectively controlled . By 6 month 30 Japan , The total amount of cash and cash equivalents of Yuexiu real estate and the deposits of monitoring accounts is about RMB 400 One hundred million yuan , Up from the beginning of the year 7.2%, Sufficient liquidity , For the development of the project 、 Investment provides a solid support .

In terms of financing , Yuexiu real estate continues to expand diversified financing channels and methods , Optimize debt maturity portfolio and debt structure , Financing costs continue to decrease . In the first half of the year , Yuexiu real estate seizes the favorable window of the market , Successfully issued overseas 6.5 Billion dollars 5 Years and 1.5 Billion dollars 10 One year dollar bonds , The coupon rates are 2.8% and 3.8%, The financing cost of the company's overseas bond issuance has reached a new low . In the first half of the year , The average borrowing cost of Yuexiu real estate decreased year-on-year 26 BPS to 4.45%.

Yuexiu Real Estate Co., Ltd 、 Advantages of external financing platform and diversified financing channels , Sufficient liquidity , In assets 、 credit 、 Enterprise background is favored by financial institutions , Moody's and Fitch granted... To Yuexiu real estate respectively Baa3 Investment grade rating and BBB- Investment grade rating , expectation “ Stable ”, Fully reflect the capital market's good operating performance of Yuexiu real estate 、 Recognition and confidence in sound financial position and future development prospects .

Diversify to increase reserves and obtain high-quality resources , Support the steady growth of profits

In the heat 、 Under the changeable market environment , Obtaining high-quality land resources at a more reasonable price is one of the constituent elements of the core competitiveness of real estate enterprises . In the first half of the year , Yuexiu real estate relies on the background advantages of state-owned enterprises , Actively promote “6+1” Storage increase mode , Through public bidding , add TOD、 City Operations 、 Urban renewal 、 Cooperation between state-owned enterprises 、 Industrial land 、 Acquisition, M & A and other diversification 、 Characteristic way , At a reasonable price in Guangzhou 、 dongguan 、 Hangzhou 、 Suzhou 、 nanjing 、 ningbo 、 wuhan 、 Changsha 、 Beijing 、 Chongqing and Bijie added 23 Land , The total building area is about 500 Thousands of square meters , about 51% Obtain... In a closed market model .

Here's the thing to watch , Yuexiu real estate expanded again in the first half of the year TOD Territory , New Guangzhou Star Airlines ( Miaotou, Huangpu, Guangzhou ) project , Increase high-quality soil storage about 21 Thousands of square meters . By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , Yuexiu Real Estate Co owns 6 individual TOD project , Layout Guangzhou Huangpu 、 Zengcheng 、 Three major areas of Panyu ,TOD The total land reserve is 406 Thousands of square meters , About% of the total land reserve 14.5%. stay TOD Rich development and operation experience in the field , It has become a strong competitive advantage of Yuexiu real estate , It provides an important driving force for the long-term sustainable growth of profits . In the first half of the year , Yuexiu real estate TOD The project maintains good sales performance , The contract sales amount is about RMB 76 One hundred million yuan , rose 50.7%.

Characteristic 、 Diversified ways of increasing reserves , The continuous growth of Yuexiu real estate profits 、 The continuous release of performance has played a good role in promoting .2021 year 5 month 20 Japan , Based on the recognition of Yuexiu real estate's diversified storage increase channels , Famous investment banks UBS UBS raised the rating of Yuexiu real estate from neutral to buy , The target price was raised to... Per share 12.00 The Hong Kong dollar .

Yuexiu service was successfully spun off and listed , Further optimize the capital structure

In the first half of the year , Yuexiu real estate was successfully spun off and Yuexiu services was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange , The Hong Kong public offering and the international offering have received more than multiple subscriptions , The net proceeds after listing and exercising the over allotment right are about 19.6 Million Hong Kong dollars . After splitting , Yuexiu real estate holds Yuexiu services 66.92% equity .

With unique “ metro + Property ”TOD Integrated property management model and its application “ Metro concept ” gene , Yuexiu service stands out among many property stocks . Yuexiu service interim performance announcement shows , In the first half of the year, the profit attributable to shareholders was RMB 1.78 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 134% . among , The innovative breakthrough made by the characteristic global service governance model , Yuexiu service has reached strategic cooperation with Wuxi Yangming community , The newly added pipe area is up to 60 Thousands of square meters . The successful listing of Yuexiu service , It has created a good development platform for the property service business of Yuexiu real estate , At the same time, it is conducive to the continuous optimization of Yuexiu real estate's capital structure , Further improve financing efficiency , Help enterprises develop with high quality .

In the process of policy tightening 、 In an increasingly stringent regulatory environment , The value of high-quality real estate enterprises with stable finance is gradually highlighting . future , Yuexiu real estate will rely on healthy financial operation 、 Outstanding resource integration advantages , And the profit margin brought by diversified reserve increase , Release greater growth potential energy , Realize the long-term and steady development of various businesses and business performance .

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