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Zhang Jun, the "most beautiful doctor with both virtue and art" in Changsha: he is as gentle as jade. He is a "relative" he has never met

2021-08-27 13:25:55 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent   Jinlang ) For a long time , The majority of medical workers in Changsha practice their original mission , Carry forward and protect life 、 Heal the wounded and rescue the dying 、 Willing to contribute 、 The boundless spirit of love , Escort life , Wrote a song of great love . Changsha Medical Association Awards 20 The most beautiful doctor and 100 An excellent doctor , Encourage the majority of medical workers in the city to follow their example , Delving into medicine 、 Advocate medical ethics , To provide a higher level for the people 、 Higher quality health and health services , Contribute to building a healthy Changsha . Zhang Jun, director of Urology Department of Changsha hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, was rated as the most beautiful doctor of virtue and art .

No matter how dangerous it is , Zhang Jun is always in the same boat with patients . once , a 8 The - year-old boy fell from a high place , He was rushed to Changsha traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital ( Changsha eighth hospital ) Department of critical medicine , I heard that children have kidney damage , As director of Urology , Zhang Jun, who just came home from work, put on his shoes again , Hurry back to the hospital . After rescue on that day , Children get through difficulties .

Zhang Jun made a careful diagnosis and treatment plan , Always keep a close eye on children , after 3 Years of treatment and rehabilitation , Children B The ultrasound results showed that the right kidney was completely normal . A kidney considered necessary by many hospitals , Rejuvenated .

Zhang Jun is a doctor 30 year , Previously worked in Yongzhou , After coming to Changsha ,“ fans ” Still running for him . Sometimes you get sick , He also helps patients buy tickets , And take it to the station . One patient developed bladder cancer , After the operation, he was admitted to the Department of critical medicine , Zhang Jun is not at ease , stay ICU For two nights . The patient was transferred back to the general ward , He slept in the office again , Until his condition is stable .“ Patients in the ward , We all thought director Zhang was our relative ” The family said .

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