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11-year-old children with sudden intracerebral hemorrhage "demining" by experts from Changsha traditional Chinese medicine hospital

2021-08-27 13:25:58 Red Net

The medical staff operated on the child

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Xiao Yian Zhong Zhijun ) In recent days, , Changsha hospital of traditional Chinese medicine ( Changsha eighth hospital ) Duan Jixin, director of Neurosurgery, led the team to successfully treat a 11 Years old is in a deep coma 、 Bilateral mydriasis 、 Children after cardiopulmonary resuscitation . at present , The vital signs of the child were stable , Has awakened , Gradually recovering .

7 month 22 Japan 16:00 about , A special patient came to the pediatric emergency room of the hospital , a 11 Year old school-age children from Hubei suddenly became delirious at the summer camp , When the instructor came to the hospital, he was breathing weakly , Bilateral mydriasis . Illness is an order , It is urgent , Yang Hepeng, deputy chief of the medical department, quickly organized the pediatric department 、 Neurosurgery 、 Department of Anesthesiology 、ICU、 The emergency department participates in consultation and rescue . After consultation, he Jiahong, deputy chief physician of Neurosurgery, thought that children had sudden disturbance of consciousness , Consider the possibility of vascular malformation bleeding , It is suggested that the condition can be improved in time CT And CTA Check , Find out the cause as soon as possible .

7 month 23 Early morning 3:00 about , The patient's condition is slightly stable . To find out why , Medical staff maintain medication with low-dose pressor drugs , Connect the ventilator to complete CT And angiography . Examination revealed massive intracerebral hemorrhage in the left temporal parietal lobe , Angiography showed temporal parietal vascular malformation with aneurysms , There is another hemorrhage at any time, and cerebral hernia may be life-threatening . The parents and family members of the children rushed to the hospital overnight , Ask the doctor to help at all costs .

Neurosurgery organized a discussion overnight to discuss the treatment plan , It is recommended to actively maintain stable vital signs , Improve preoperative preparation as soon as possible , Be ready for craniotomy . In the morning 8:40, The child has mydriasis again , It suggests that the possibility of cerebral hernia is high . Time is life , Duan Jixin decisively decided to have an immediate craniotomy , Join hands with deputy director Zhong Zhijun , after 5 Hours of hard work , Intracranial in children “ bomb ” relieve , Vital signs are stable , Bilateral pupillary retraction . after NICU And neurosurgery team 10 Careful nursing and treatment for the rest of the day , The patient's condition improved significantly after operation , Sober mind , It's easy to communicate , take a turn for the better and be out of danger .

Duan Jixin introduced , Most of the causes of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage in children are cerebral vascular malformation rupture and hemorrhage , It mainly includes cerebral arteriovenous malformations and cavernous hemangiomas , The main clinical manifestations are recurrent seizures 、 cerebral hemorrhage 、 Have a headache 、 Progressive neurological dysfunction, etc , The fundamental method of treatment is surgical resection or interventional embolization . He reminded everyone of , Intracerebral hemorrhage is not just a problem for middle-aged and elderly people “ patent ”, Children with intracerebral hemorrhage should be paid great attention .

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