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Zhangjiajie Renkang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine: "Renkang is your strong backing"

2021-08-27 13:26:03 Red Net

Logistics staff deliver materials to volunteers .

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zhou Xiang ) During the epidemic , Zhangjiajie Renkang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine sent a total of four batches 42 Volunteers . These volunteers are scattered in various communities in the city 、 Community or isolated Hotel , Perform nucleic acid sampling . Because the epidemic came unprepared , They were ordered to , I only took simple clothes when I went out . In the front-line anti epidemic work, we have encountered such difficulties and problems that need to be solved urgently , Renkang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine was established immediately 、 Meng Nan 、 Qin Ping 、 Meng Jie 、 Volunteer logistics support group led by Comrade Song Qiao , Follow up the volunteer group every day and do a good job in logistics service .

In order to let volunteers after nucleic acid collection , It can disinfect underwear better and faster without damaging clothes , The hospital prepared a set of hand washing clothes for each volunteer , Send to each volunteer station . Among the volunteers 88% All women , What they need during their physiological period , Dysmenorrhea in physiological period and daily headache and cerebral fever 、 Medicine for mosquito bites , And change the laundry 、 Washing liquid 、 The shampoo 、 Shower gel and other materials , As long as volunteers have needs , The hospital can solve , Will respond to every request , Send it right away . Volunteers encounter difficulties and grievances , Communicate at any time , Timely psychological counseling .

Renkang traditional Chinese medicine hospital also gives full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese Medicine , According to the traditional Chinese medicine prescription for prevention and treatment recommended by Hunan Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine , Go to the front-line volunteers and the staff of the hospital 、 The inpatients and their accompanying family members provide preventive Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine free of charge , Also send 120 Take the car to the hotel where each volunteer lives . Early August , The sun is burning . Renkang traditional Chinese medicine hospital prepares watermelon 、 Apple 、 Grapes and other fruits , By Dean Xie genyao 、 Vice president Liu Zhenhua sent them to the volunteers' residence . And told them :“ What are the difficulties and needs , Let's just say , Renkang is your strong backing ”. Some volunteers are on the front line , There are only old people left in the family 、 children , having dinner 、 Buying vegetables has become a problem . In order to make the volunteers work at ease , Renkang traditional Chinese medicine hospital sent a special bus , Send some fresh vegetables to the volunteers' homes , The families were deeply moved .

Medical staff who failed to volunteer , I always stick to my post in the hospital , One for two . Yu Ting, chief of pharmacy department , Although in early pregnancy , The reaction during pregnancy is greater , But in China 、 Qin Wen, two directors of the western medicine room 、 Xiao ting and Wang Qingqing, the storekeeper of the pharmacy, signed up for the front line of the epidemic , She took the initiative to replace , One person does the work of at least two people every day . There are many hospitals like this . General inpatient department , At least two or more medical personnel have been sent . Department of foreign studies 10 Medical staff , There is director Xiao Qi 、 Doctor Peng Cheng et al 5 Medical staff went to the front line of anti epidemic , Other hospitals on duty 5 Medical staff , No day shift 、 evening shift 、 The night shift , On duty is 24 Hours . But they didn't complain .

The logistics section is mainly headed by Gong Yangbo 4 Staff , In addition to solving the logistics needs of various departments in the hospital , Every day with 120 There are twenty or thirty trips back and forth . Send people, send medicine, pick up patients , It's a big risk , Not afraid of suffering , I've been busy for more than half a month without taking a break . Especially for Volunteers 、 a citizen 、 The time when the hotel isolation personnel boiled the traditional Chinese medicine decoction , Section chief Chen Shengming 、 king 、 Xie Xiaohua and the three Liu sisters in the canteen , Just cooking medicine day and night 、 Deliver medicine to hotels, communities and some township governments in the urban area . The three sisters of the Liu family lived in the whole city before and after the city was closed , Double the workload . Except that our hospital is near 60 Medical staff stayed in the hospital for accommodation , There are also dozens of rehabilitation patients and their families who have been detained in the hospital after rehabilitation , They also have room and board in the hospital . Although it is very inconvenient to buy vegetables , But they still find a way , Always keep 6 A dish , Let everyone eat well , Be everyone's strong backing .

Renkang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is such a unity and cooperation 、 A selfless collective .

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