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Zhangjiajie: you are "everyone" on the "epidemic" line, and I will guard the rear and stabilize the "small home"

2021-08-27 13:26:07 Red Net

Yang Dengquan is on the front line of collection

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Li Yong ) Epidemic prevention and control period , There is such a couple in the maternal and child health care hospital of Yongding District, Zhangjiajie , Husband Yang Dengquan fought bravely on the front line of nucleic acid collection “ Epidemic disease ”, His wife, Li Yun, guarded in the rear “ Small family ”, They support each other , Love each other , Overcome difficulties , Cheer each other up with love , Performing a touching anti epidemic story .

Yang Dengquan is the vice president of Yongding maternal and child health hospital in Zhangjiajie 、 Chief inspector , Li Yun is a nurse in the census room of the hospital .7 month 28 Japan 22 spot , The hospital received a temporary notice from the superior , Nearly 100 medical staff should be transferred to perform nucleic acid collection tasks , Yang Dengquan had no time to say goodbye to his mother and son , He volunteered and rushed to the collection line ,20 I haven't been home for many days . In the acquisition line , He is both “ commander ”, When again “ Fighters ”, I want to be “ The waiter ”.

As the head of the nucleic acid collection team , Every time he arrives at the scene , Quickly communicate with the community 、 The person in charge of the community , Communication and collection form 、 Coordinate the division of labor , Layout according to the site environment , Standardize nucleic acid collection process , Assist in the flow of people , At the same time, we also arranged the materials of the team members 、 Have meals 、 Rest, etc , A busy day , The voice is hoarse .8 month 8 Japan , And led a team to jiaoziya town for nucleic acid collection , Wear protective clothing , Wearing goggles , In the hot outdoor sampling point , Less than an hour , I'm all wet .“ Sweat more , It's like losing weight , Maybe you can lose a few pounds .” When family and friends care about his health , He always laughed at himself . In support of the township 10 In days, he worked with everyone to complete 5 round 49998 Multi person acquisition task .

My husband hasn't returned from the first-line war for many days , The responsibility of taking care of the family falls entirely on the shoulders of his wife Li Yun , As a medical worker, she knows that the stability of her small family will be the greatest support and comfort to her husband fighting in the front line of collection . At home 1 Old man 2 A son , Mother has 80 How old , Old and weak, and suffering from a variety of diseases , You need to take medicine all year round . The youngest son has only 4 year , I need my mother's meticulous company . The biggest worry is 6 month 24 Japan , Li Yun suffers from acute meningitis , In the Municipal People's hospital 1 Hospital for more than months , Just before the outbreak, she was discharged from the hospital , It is now in a period of recovery , Physical strength and energy are very tired . Since the outbreak , Li Yun should take care of his body , At the same time, one person has to bear the food and daily life of two children and the elderly , The youngest son is the most sticky time , This often makes Li Yun lack of skills , So she practiced a unique skill , I often hold my little son , While cooking , At the same time, he also told his eldest son to study , She was exhausted by the complicated family chores , But every time the husband asks about the family , She always pretends to be relaxed and says :“ I'm at home , everything goes well , You can rest assured !” In a word , But it is full of tacit understanding between husband and wife 、 Trust and mutual support .

Home is the smallest country , The country is ten million . In fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia, there is no smoke , Many families give up small homes for everyone , Silently contributing warm heart strength to this war epidemic . They do what their families can , Give in silence , You fight the epidemic on the front line , I guard in the rear , Interpret the national feelings of ordinary people with practical actions , To win the battle of epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible “ Small family ” Power .

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