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Wey Macchiato's first intelligent hybrid DHT

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recently ,WEY The brand was successfully held in Beijing “ Mary, open it all To fight against ” Macchiato fresh test drive meeting . After the professional test of the industry , A new generation of hybrid SUV—— Macchiato shows intelligent hybrid DHT“ fast 、 along 、 static 、 province ” The technical charm of , And with industry-leading intelligent driving assistance , Create an unprecedented driving experience .


In new markets dominated by young people , Only really step in step with them , To stand firm .WEY Macchiato's fresh test drive will go through a form that is deeply in line with their lifestyle , Create a hybrid experience test and intelligent driving test under multiple road conditions , With the hard core strength of the whole scene , Meet the high-level needs of the younger generation for hybrid models .

The first intelligent hybrid DHT technology help WEY Brand creates a new environment of independent mixing

Intelligent hybrid DHT It was independently designed by Great Wall group 、 Completely independent research and development of technology crystallization , It is also to promote the cleaning of the automotive industry 、 A powerful embodiment of low carbon . Intelligent hybrid DHT With the HEV and PHEV Two structures , It covers three hybrid combinations and a variety of driving modes , The full speed range is realized & The whole scene 、 High efficiency & High performance , It brings comfort and zero anxiety to users 、 Safety and zero anxiety 、 Endurance zero anxiety 、 Charging zero anxiety 、 Five zero anxiety car experiences with zero residual value anxiety .

As WEY Brand new generation hybrid SUV The leader of , Macchiato took the lead in carrying intelligent hybrid DHT technology , Bring low-carbon travel and life within reach of Chinese consumers . among , Macchiatto HEV The car is equipped with “1.5L+DHT” powertrain , With quiet sex 、 Smoothness 、 Dynamic performance of efficiency , Solve the user's fuel consumption explosion table 、 Weak overtaking 、 Driving pain points such as stumbling .

Soon , Macchiato will also launch PHEV models , Meet the needs of more diversified consumers with leading strength , help WEY The brand breaks through the technical barrier of joint venture , With its strength in the forefront of the world , Create a precedent for mixing high-end brands in China .

Macchiato creates a superior driving experience “ fast 、 along 、 static 、 province ” Four advantages stand out

Beijing has a very rich transportation system , There is a fast and smooth urban ring road , There are also busy streets . This test drive for fresh food will , Around Beijing's different road environment , Yes, Macchiato HEV Model intelligent hybrid DHT technology “ fast 、 along 、 static 、 province ” Conduct a comprehensive test .

The whole scene 、 Energy efficient output at full speed , It always makes you “ fast ” One step at a time . When Macchiato started , Fast motor response , Direct drive ; When overtaking at high speed , The engine is switched from economic direct drive to power direct drive , The engine 、 Drive motor 、 Generator full load output , Provide the best power ,4.1 Of a second 0-60km/h Acceleration time , It can help you easily overtake the car in front .

Smooth shift experience , Comparable to luxury brand executive cars . No matter the engine gear is switched , Or drive mode adjustment , Macchiato will bring more than their peers “ along ” Driving experience . More Than This , Based on intelligent hybrid system DHT Technology leadership and excellent NVH Performance tuning , Macchiato always keeps “ static ” Silent state , Even in congested Beijing CBD, It can also follow the car at low speed driven by motor 、 cruise , The quiet carriage is enough to isolate the restlessness of the outside world .

Drive Macchiato to constantly switch between different road environments in Beijing , The vehicle takes 4 When you are an adult and turn on the air conditioner all the time , The measured fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 4.6L, Once again confirmed the intelligent hybrid DHT High efficiency and oil saving of technology , Make the young generation in struggle “ province ” Lower high fuel consumption expenditure , Go back light , Move forward for your dream .

Coffee smart platform empowers Macchiato Create fun 、 Security 、 Leading automotive technology

Facing the intelligent needs of the younger generation ,WEY Brand based “ A new generation of smart cars ” A new mission , Through the coffee intelligent platform , Build people 、 vehicle 、 The beautiful blueprint of Smart Life .WEY The brand will be user-centered and continue to create changes , Layout the field of intelligent travel , Achieve self subversion and surpass , Let technology penetrate people's hearts , Bring the world's leading China Program .

Macchiato remote parking experience

Macchiato as WEY Brand is an important medium for communicating with young people , Fully integrate coffee intelligence , Bring them temperature 、 Humanized intelligent and interesting driving experience . Extremely geeky remote parking function , Support for mobile phones WEY APP Remote control of vehicle parking 、 Lock the car, etc , Realized the user “ Space separation ” The dream of controlling a car . More Than This , Macchiato also merged hardliners SUV Transparent chassis function on , When the user moves the vehicle at low speed , Can then Understand the objects under the vehicle body through the transparent chassis , Provide real-time data for subsequent driving , So as to encourage young people to constantly conquer new places , Widen our sight .

Macchiato's fully automatic integrated parking experience

Macchiato has an independent “ Thinking power ” And “ Action power ”, Replace the novice driver to complete the driving task . Turn on the tracking and reversing function , Macchiato will automatically control the vehicle to return according to the travel path 50 rice . in addition , Macchiato also has Fully automatic integrated parking function , Realize the automatic parking of vehicles in the parking lot , It greatly reduces the difficulty of novice drivers .

be based on The world's leading vehicle specification level Qualcomm snapdragon 8155 The flagship platform of the third generation automotive digital cockpit , Macchiato has the ability to understand people 、 Intelligent cockpit service that knows human feelings . Macchiato passed 14.6 Inch full color touch LCD 、9.2 Inch full color digital virtual instrument 、W-HUD Head up display system and four screens of HD streaming media interior rearview mirror , The vehicle status is realized 、 Multimedia navigation and other information Multi screen linkage 、 Safe circulation , Help users easily cross multiple scenes .

AI Intelligent face recognition The moment the car owner steps into the cockpit , can Second identity , and Quickly remove the seat from the vehicle 、 The configuration of rear-view mirror is converted to the preset setting of the owner , Create a luxurious and respectful feeling . And when the owner is distracted or tired , It can also Actively send out fatigue and distraction prompt statements , And alert the driver through the air conditioning system , Ensure driving safety .

The growing intelligent voice system can learn the owner's personality 、 characteristic , Be familiar with the way of communication with the driver , And provide active interaction according to the scene . such as , When it rains , It will take the initiative to greet , Remind the owner to get off with an umbrella , Avoid getting a cold . The owner can also use natural language to realize the air conditioning of the vehicle 、 The window 、 Intelligent vehicle control with multimedia and other functions , It can be called the “Siri”.

“ Intelligent ” Research and development is imperative ,“ Hybrid ” The process is irreversible . Face, dare to think, dare to do 、 Keen to taste fresh 、 Fun loving creative youth of LOHAS , Macchiato's intelligent hybrid DHT And coffee intelligence , Build comfort for them 、 Intellectual interest 、 Low carbon beauty WEY life , In the tide of the new four modernizations revolution all over the world , Successfully lead the development trend of a new generation of intelligent vehicles , Refresh the new height of China's intelligent manufacturing .

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