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"Qianlima" wey Macchiato is a dark horse stirring China's mixed market

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The rapid development of Chinese automobile brands , While improving our travel experience , There are also two important issues . One is how to realize “ Carbon reaches its peak ” and “ Carbon neutralization ” Sustainable development goals , The second is how to break through the technical barriers of the joint venture brand . Facing these two topics , Chinese auto brands are determined to move forward .


As the representative of China's high-end upward breakthrough ,WEY Brand renewal has been completed this year , Intelligent mixing and coffee intelligent blade out of the scabbard . And a new generation of intelligent hybrid with both technologies SUV—— Macchiato will also be on the market , In the subdivided hybrid market dominated by Japanese , Try our best to shake the inherent pattern of Japanese brands in China's auto market .

Intelligent hybrid DHT Strong support , The whole scene of Macchiato 、 At full speed, pick up the solar system

Against the background of a new round of global energy revolution ,WEY Brand to build “ A new generation of smart cars ” For the mission , Bring users the world's leading efficiency 、 High performance 、 Highly integrated oil electric hybrid scheme - Intelligent hybrid DHT. Intelligent hybrid DHT Completely independent design 、 Completely independent research and development 、 Have completely independent property rights , It broke the monopoly of Japanese brands in hybrid technology .

Intelligent hybrid DHT The engine

Intelligent hybrid DHT The first two oil and electricity DHT Power architecture , namely Engine economy direct drive gear And Engine power direct drive gear , And the driving mode can be switched intelligently , Meet the high-efficiency output under all road conditions . Intelligent hybrid DHT Have HEV and PHEV Two structures , cover 1.5L or 1.5T collocation DHT、1.5T collocation DHT+P4 Three hybrid combinations and multiple driving modes , Bring comfort and zero anxiety to users 、 Safety and zero anxiety 、 Endurance zero anxiety 、 Charging zero anxiety 、 Five zero anxiety car experiences with zero residual value anxiety .

Intelligent hybrid DHT The transmission

Macchiato took the lead in carrying intelligent hybrid DHT technology , rely on High efficiency hybrid engine and Double motor hybrid Cooperate with each other , It shows the strength comparable to the world's leading technology , a “ Full speed range & The whole scene ” The efficiency of is the best , It's a real thousand Lima .

Macchiato “1.5L+DHT100” Of HEV powertrain , The total power of the system is up to 140kW, Total torque 370N·m, The power performance is comparable to 2.0T The engine , At the same time, it also has 4.1 second 0-60km/h Acceleration time 4.7L/100km Comprehensive fuel consumption 1100km Long life as well as good NVH Adjustment and The first two gear oil electric non inductive shift Etc , Bring... To consumers “ fast 、 along 、 static 、 province ” Driving experience . It's worth mentioning , Macchiato will soon launch PHEV Version model , While meeting the diversified needs of consumers , It will also launch a comprehensive contest with the Japanese system .

At present, the hybrid technology mainly includes the power shunt of the Japanese system 、 Single speed hybrid , And Great Wall Motor's intelligent hybrid DHT It is a two speed hybrid . among , The first two represent products that focus on system economic performance , Lack of power . Intelligent hybrid DHT be It has efficient and intelligent switching engine economic direct drive gear and engine power direct drive gear , And the control strategy is more refined , Both performance and economy are very good .

such as , When driving at low speed in the city , Power split at EV Switch between electric and engine , The engine operating point is dynamically adjusted with load adjustment , Low fuel consumption . And single speed hybrid 、 Intelligent hybrid DHT The driving force is EV Intelligent switching between electric and series modes , The engine operates in the optimal economic region , Minimum fuel consumption . Especially intelligent hybrid DHT technology , It is in the starting or low-speed stage of the vehicle , Will use series drive mode , Directly driven by motor , Can achieve fast response 、 A smooth 、 Quiet electric vehicle driving experience , Compared with pure fuel vehicles, the fuel saving rate can reach 50%.

In the suburbs 、 In the elevated medium speed scene , Single speed hybrid only provides series mode , The engine does not participate in direct drive , The power split does not provide engine power + Motor parallel drive . In a high-speed driving scene , Although the single speed hybrid can realize the efficient direct drive of the engine , But the power is average , Power split engines cannot participate in direct drive , Low energy efficiency .

Facing the above two driving scenarios , Intelligent hybrid DHT According to the system load Smart choice EV Pattern 、 Tandem mode 、 Engine power gear direct drive mode 、 Engine economic gear direct drive mode, etc . When driving on the motorway , Engine economy direct drive , The drive motor is ready to intervene at any time , Ensure the dynamic response of the whole vehicle and reduce the fuel consumption compared with the series mode 15%; When there is a need to overtake , Motor momentary intervention , Both output power together , Achieve instant acceleration ; And accelerating at full throttle 、 Climbing and other high load conditions , The engine adopts power gear direct drive , At the same time, cooperate with high-power motor , Achieve maximum power output , meanwhile The fuel consumption can be reduced compared with the series mode 25%, Maintain the highest energy efficiency at all times .

By comparison , Intelligent hybrid DHT The advantages are self-evident , The most direct result is fuel consumption . According to the actual measurement , Equipped with intelligent hybrid DHT My Macchiato , Riding 3 In the case of an adult , The measured fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 3.4L, And like Japanese products of the same level , The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is basically 5.11 L- 6.16L Between , Once again confirmed the intelligent hybrid DHT Perfect balance between power performance and fuel economy , Help independent brands enter a new pattern of competition in new hybrid technology .

Intelligent driving takes the lead Macchiato's unique leading configuration is beyond the reach of the Japanese system

Intelligence is the general trend , More focus on consumer psychology . In this context , Macchiato is equipped with a coffee intelligent platform , Bring more intelligence to users 、 More comfortable travel experience . In the competition with Japanese products of the same level , Macchiato also shows the technical advantages that meet the high-tech needs of Chinese users .

At a time when intelligent driving assistance is more and more valued , Macchiato 360° Full image smart parking 、 Front collision warning Active emergency braking Reverse side warning and braking Keep the lane centered Fully automatic integrated parking And a series of industry-leading intelligent driving assistance technologies , Ensure that the driver is driving 、 Life safety during parking . In contrast, Japanese products of the same level , Only medium and high configuration models have the above configuration , And the price is basically 25 More than ten thousand yuan .

WEY Macchiato remote parking

WEY Macchiato transparent chassis

WEY Macchiato followed the reverse

stay “ A new generation of smart cars ” Under a new mission , Macchiato continues to drive intelligently , In a configuration unique to the same level , It is beyond the reach of Japanese products of the same level . such as , In parking spaces that are inconvenient to get on and off , adopt Remote parking The mobile phone can realize remote control of vehicle parking 、 Lock the car, etc ; When the user moves the vehicle at low speed , Can also be through Transparent chassis Understand the objects under the car body , Provide real-time data for subsequent driving ; And when the vehicle drives into a narrow cul de sac , Turn on Track and reverse , The vehicle will automatically control the vehicle to return according to the travel path 50 rice , It relieves the driving pressure to a great extent .

intelligence 、 leading 、 Reliable intelligent driving assistance , Bear witness to WEY Brand to “ A new generation of smart cars ” Advanced strong technical strength , And substantial progress in catching up with and surpassing Japanese brands .

Move your smart life into the car Macchiato opens up a new field of automobile for users

Just like the leadership in intelligent driving , Macchiato in the smart cockpit , It also gives users a unique technology experience . In the context of global chip shortage , Macchiatto The whole series uses the world's leading vehicle specification level Qualcomm 8155 The flagship platform of the third generation automotive digital cockpit , With the computing power higher than that of market models 3 times 、 Video processing capabilities 2 times 、AI Operational performance 7-8 Times the absolute advantage , Bring users faster human-computer interaction and more timely information processing .

First , Macchiato passed The largest in the same class 14.6 Inch full-color suspended intelligent control large screen 9.2 Inch full color digital virtual instrument W-HUD Head up display system And HD streaming media interior rearview mirror Four screen linkage , Realize the safe flow of information such as car driving and on-board entertainment . More Than This , High resolution screen , While bringing high-definition display of content , It also improves the visual experience , And the intelligence that fits young people's reading habits UI Design , It also greatly simplifies the starting difficulty of car owners . At this time, the Japanese products of the same level are still in the previous era , A relatively traditional instrument cluster is still used , For young users who are used to smart life , The attraction has disappeared .

AI Intelligent face recognition 、 Scalable voice system 、G Technology such as intelligent space , It also widens the gap between Macchiato and Japanese products of the same level . The moment the car owner steps into the cockpit ,AI Intelligent face recognition can recognize identity in seconds , And quickly remove the seat in the car 、 The configuration of rear-view mirror is converted to the preset setting of the owner . The growing intelligent voice system can learn the owner's personality 、 characteristic , Be familiar with the way of communication with the driver , And provide active interaction according to the scene . The world's first G Block smart space provides a growing game environment and multiple modes , Through meditation space 、 There are two scenes in game mode , And later can OTA Upgraded K Song room 、 Chess and card room and other multi scene modes , Create an intelligent multi-mode space in the car , Inject a sense of ceremony into car life .

As a product equipped with hybrid technology , Macchiato also has “ Mysterious weapon ”—— Idle charging . In short , When the vehicle is parked for a long time , In order to avoid power battery loss , Idle charging will pass through the battery APP Send a message to remind the owner , Confirm whether to start idle charging , When the battery is full , Automatically shut down the engine . If you change to other Japanese products of the same level , Then it is likely to face the embarrassing situation of power loss and failure to start .

In line with the Chinese youth's fighting spirit Macchiato releases pioneer tension, the strongest tone of youth

The Tokyo Olympic Games are in full swing , The new generation of Chinese athletes are brave 、 The spirit of struggle is exciting . As with the young generation of China, they share the same upward feelings 、 High spiritual resonance WEY brand , It is also represented by the image of thousands of Chinese brands , use “ Pioneer tension ” Explain the creed of young people moving forward .WEY The brand's first intelligent hybrid SUV—— Macchiato to “ Bird ” image , Establish a pioneer bionic aesthetics , Fit young people's attitude of freedom and youth , Cater to their aesthetic preferences . Whether it's a claw matrix headlamp 、 Sharp folding feather grille , Or flying and diving waist line and tail feather vertical tail lamp , All with lightweight 、 The dynamic 、 dexterous 、 Unrestrained visual presentation , Full of momentum, adding a sense of future technology .

And “ Pioneer tension ” The design complements each other , Machidor interior through simple cutting-edge technology Aesthetics , The cabin is made of soft bag + Double blessing of intelligent technology configuration , Present a concise 、 Technological Ring wing smart cockpit , It renders an atmosphere of lightness, flexibility and youth .

WEY Since the establishment of the brand , We are committed to breaking the technical barriers of joint ventures , Bring accessible intelligent travel and insight intelligent technology to Chinese automobile users . As WEY Brand is the new force and leader in the younger market , Macchiato relies on intelligent hybrid DHT And coffee intelligence , Directly shake the inherent pattern of the joint venture brand , Open up the world's leading low-carbon 、 Smart and interesting travel life .

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