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Yongding war "epidemic" | Zhu Rui led a team to supervise the epidemic prevention and control of catering links

2021-08-27 14:05:34 Red Net

Supervise the environmental hygiene and food safety of guotie catering Co., Ltd .

Check the health registration account of erburg Kindergarten .

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zhang Sha )“ Whether the employees have temperature measurement registration every day ? Nucleic acid test once a few days ?”8 month 22 Japan , Member of the Standing Committee of Yongding District Party committee 、 Zhu Rui, head of the publicity department, led a team to the isolation point. The catering unit is guotie catering Co., Ltd 、 Elborg Kindergarten , On site supervision and inspection of food safety guarantee at isolation points during epidemic prevention and control .

Everywhere you go , The inspection team carefully inspected the environmental sanitation of the site 、 Personnel health management account , Learn more about the food safety and supply guarantee at the isolation point .“ We strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures , All staff should measure temperature every day 、 Bright code 、 Register health information , Nucleic acid test once every two days . At the same time, disinfect and ventilate the store according to the requirements of the district market supervision and Administration Bureau , All employees live in the dormitory , Form a closed-loop management , Ensure personnel health and safety .” Wu Xianhong, head of guotie catering, said . Ask about the food distribution and meal preparation at the isolation point , She went on ,“ To ensure balanced nutrition , You can't duplicate the food every day , According to the standard of three meat and two vegetables , Rich categories , The resident supervisor will also accurately measure the weight of meals with a scale , Quality and quantity , Samples of each dish shall be kept separately for food safety sampling inspection at any time .”

according to the understanding of , Both guotie catering Co., Ltd. and aerbao kindergarten are catering units at isolation points during the epidemic . The district market supervision and Administration Bureau has contacted to start 27 Home catering unit , Post 29 A staff member guides and supervises the whole process . From the sanitary environment of the site 、 Purchase of raw materials to meal preparation 、 Divide the meal 、 food delivery 、 Information feedback and other links , Achieve no dead corner Supervision . meanwhile , The bureau also provides for 26 The company sent 10 A mask worth more than ten thousand yuan 、 hat 、 glove 、 Alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials , Effectively strengthen the protective measures of food supply units in isolation points , Up to now , The catering unit provides food to the isolation point in total 411989 Share . Zhu Rui fully affirmed the contribution of Yongding District market supervision and Administration Bureau in the epidemic prevention and control of catering Links . He said , At present, the epidemic prevention and control work is still at a critical stage , We should be soberly aware of the seriousness of the situation of epidemic prevention and control 、 Complexity and uncertainty , We will continue to strengthen food safety , We will not relax and do a good job in market supervision , Firmly hold the hard won achievements in epidemic prevention and control .

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