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[voice of industry and information technology] Zhangjiajie: enthusiastic donation warms people's hearts and works together to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties

2021-08-27 14:07:23 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Song Linxia )7 End of month , Zhangjiajie meets COVID-19 ,8 month 1 An announcement was issued on the receipt of donated funds and materials . In a matter of 20 Many days , Received donations from all walks of life 160 Other batches of epidemic prevention materials , contain 60 More than different brands and models . Including all kinds of masks 500 More than a 、84 Disinfectant near 80 Tons of 、75% Alcohol disinfectant 20 Tons of , And alcohol disinfectant spray. 、 All kinds of hands free disinfectant gel 、 Protective mask 、 Protective eye mask and isolation eye mask 、 All kinds of protective gloves and shoe covers 、 Protective clothing, isolation clothing and other epidemic prevention materials . A variety of epidemic prevention materials continue to flow into Zhangjiajie , It provides strong material and spiritual support for winning the victory of epidemic prevention and control .

Love from Zhangjiajie

8 month 1 Friday night 9:30, Zhangjiajie rural hospital Hotel Management Co., Ltd. donated epidemic prevention materials

On the night of the donation announcement 9 Half past six , The receiving donation group welcomed the first batch of local epidemic prevention materials donation . The staff from Zhangjiajie rural Biyuan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. drove by themselves , It's here 7 Disposable mask and case 100 carry 10 Kg, 84 disinfectant .“ Our hotel has been closed because of the epidemic , These supplies are not available now . We want to donate it to where we need it more .” The person in charge of the hotel said , They put down their supplies and hurried away . There are many more examples like this , Xingye financial accounting Consulting Co., Ltd 、 Ice and Snow World Tourism Development Co., Ltd 、 Cloud travel agency 、 Maoyanberry Co., Ltd 、 Brandt group 、 Zhansheng plastic products Co., Ltd 、 Yifeng pharmacy 、 Huairen pharmacy …… Enterprises from all walks of life enthusiastically donated epidemic prevention materials to help the city's epidemic prevention and control .

8 month 5 Friday night 8 spot , The donation receiving group received a special wechat message :“ Hello! , I bought it from other places 210 Put a suit of protective clothing in the Shanshui impression monitoring room , Want to donate , However, access to the community is now strictly prohibited , Is it convenient for you to pick it up ?” Sister Ning, who lives in the impression of landscape, said that as ordinary people in Zhangjiajie , I want to do something for Zhangjiajie to fight the epidemic . On the same day, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters just adjusted the risk level of some areas , And implement strict traffic control measures . After discussing with the donation receiving group , Sister Ning is suggested to donate to nanzhuangping community , The community can use it directly . After contacting nanzhuangping community to solve the donation problem , Sister Ning said that as long as the materials can be used where needed, she will be very happy . There are many enthusiastic citizens like this , Some of them drive directly to donate materials , Some donated materials through online purchase and postal delivery , Some donate directly to the community and other front-line organizations , We all want to do our part to fight the epidemic in Zhangjiajie .

Love from outside the city

8 month 8 Friday night , The epidemic prevention materials donated by the provincial people's prevention Office arrived in Zhangjiajie

8 month 5 The morning of 10 spot 45 branch , The receiving group received a call :“ Hello! , This is the provincial people's Defense Office , What materials do you need most now ? We want to donate a little .” At that time, the epidemic situation in the city was in the most critical period , A round of national nucleic acid detection was carried out , The consumption of nucleic acid detection reagents and consumables is very large , The donation receiving group will truthfully inform the situation . Provincial People's air defense office after research , Decided to donate to Zhangjiajie 5 10000 copies of nucleic acid detection reagent .8 On Tuesday night 8 Half past six , Carrying 5 Ten thousand copies of nucleic acid testing reagents arrived in Zhangjiajie from Changsha , Immediately put into a new round of nucleic acid testing . Since the outbreak , Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce 、 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hunan Branch 、 Provincial Ecological Environment System 、 Provincial Natural Resources volunteer team and Changsha light fun cultural and creative group 、 Provincial Charity Federation 、 Local chambers of Commerce 、 Democratic parties 、 Zhongyan building materials and other caring enterprises have sent all kinds of epidemic prevention materials to Zhangjiajie . They are anxious about Zhangjiajie , Think what Zhangjiajie thinks , Send charcoal to the people of Zhangjiajie in the snow .

“ Hello , I used to study in Zhangjiajie for three years , Now we see COVID-19 in Zhangjiajie on the news. , What materials do you need ?” A caring person in Guangzhou called .“ Hello , Is the epidemic situation in Zhangjiajie serious now ? I spent my honeymoon in Zhangjiajie many years ago , What else do you need now ? I bought it online and sent it .” A caring person from Tianjin called .“ Hello , I want to donate some materials to Zhangjiajie . I have been to Zhangjiajie three times , There are beautiful mountains and waters , Now we have an epidemic , What else do you need ?”…… The donation receiving group receives many similar calls every day . Mr. Yuan from Changsha saw it 《 A letter to friends staying in Zhangjiajie 》 Tears streamed down his face , In the circle of friends, I wish Zhangjiajie an early opening “ Epidemic disease ” scattered , And donated 50 Total number of boxes 10 10000 disposable medical masks . Many tourists have come to Zhangjiajie , It has left beautiful and unforgettable memories here , After hearing about the epidemic situation in Zhangjiajie, we supported Zhangjiajie in various ways .8 month 1 Since then , The donation receiving group received a total of epidemic prevention materials by postal express 78 batch 892 Pieces of , Anonymous caring people 40 Remainder . The most special love package is 8 month 16 Received a donation from Hedong County, an international sister city of South Korea 1 Ten thousand masks .

Zhangjiajie children outside

Epidemic prevention materials donated by Hangzhou Yuanwang Network Technology Co., Ltd

“ Hello , I'm from Zhangjiajie , Now studying in Changsha , Or students , Not much money . Buy some masks and send them , Is that OK ?” Many children in Zhangjiajie are also very concerned about the epidemic situation in their hometown . Up to students studying abroad , Down to Zhangjiajie people who have taken root outside , Everyone donated money and materials for their hometown . Ms. Gu of Sang Zhi , He worked in Hangzhou after graduation , Then he got married in Hangzhou . This time I heard that my hometown suffered an epidemic , In the name of Hangzhou Yuanwang Network Technology Co., Ltd 、 Protective eyewear 、 Protective mask 、 A large number of anti epidemic materials such as disinfection and killing supplies ,8 month 5 Japanese car rental starts from Heze, Shandong , Through twists and turns 8 month 8 Finally, the materials were sent to his hometown . Such enthusiastic Zhangjiajie children are all over the country , The villagers of guanguanyan from Zhongshan bought epidemic prevention materials early , Repeated telephone communication ; Zhao Jiagang fellow from Tianjin , Existing contributions , And donated materials ; From Beijing 、 Xiamen 、 Wenzhou …… Out of town , Everyone cares about their hometown , I just hope the haze in my hometown will dissipate as soon as possible .

Be worthy of everyone's enthusiasm for donation

Zhangjiajie industry and information technology bureau is a member of the material support group , Undertake the burden of receiving donations of epidemic prevention materials for the first time .7 month 31 Japan , When the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology held an emergency deployment meeting for epidemic prevention and control , Party secretary 、 Director Yang Yumao requested the establishment of a special receiving group for donated materials , Formulate management measures for donated materials , Establish revenue and expenditure information account , Receive the supervision of discipline inspection team , Ensure that the management of donated materials is open 、 transparent 、 Efficient , Worthy of the love donated by all sectors of society .

8 month 12 On Tuesday night 9:30, Secretary of the Party group of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology 、 Director Yang Yumao checked the donated materials in the warehouse .

By the end of 8 month 22 Japan , Under the unified allocation of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters , The Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology has accumulated information to all districts and counties 、 medical institution 、 Municipal units 、 Community 、 Neighborhood offices and other anti epidemic front-line distributed donated materials 260 batch , Including all kinds of masks 500 More than ten thousand 、84 disinfectant 70 tons 、75% Alcohol disinfectant 20 Tons of …… Ensure that epidemic prevention materials are distributed to the front line of epidemic prevention as soon as possible , Provide solid material support for the city's epidemic prevention and control .

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