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Anti epidemic diary | sharpen the original heart, brighten the true color and show the responsibility of the front line of anti epidemic

2021-08-27 14:08:01 Red Net

Do a good job in organ greening

Leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group of units directly under the municipal government 、 Chen HongRi, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, inspected the on duty work of epidemic prevention and control

This August , It was supposed to be a holiday for cadres and employees of government organs and units , But it was broken by the unexpected delta mutant strain . Everyone is fighting the epidemic , Give strength . In the forefront of epidemic prevention and control , Actively respond to the party's leadership and call , Secretary of the Party group of Zhangjiajie Forestry Bureau 、 Director Qin Zunjiang led some cadres and workers of the bureau to charge ahead , Let's take care of everyone , Go to Shati sub district office Gaoqiao community to catch epidemic prevention and control , Clear the bottom line for community residents 、 Grab detection 、 Guard the checkpoint 、 Warm heart 、 Keep peace . As a cadre living in two separate places , By convention 7 month 30 You can go back to Cili for the weekend on Sunday , But the epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility , I chose to stay that day , Explain the responsibility and responsibility of a Communist Party member with practical actions .

Perform one's duties , Be a good defender of epidemic prevention and control in the industry

7 month 30 On the afternoon of Sunday 5:00, The leaders of the Bureau conveyed and implemented the spirit of the municipal epidemic prevention and control meeting at the meeting of cadres and workers. As soon as it was over , I acted quickly , I immediately issued to the district and county forestry bureaus 《 Urgent notice on earnestly doing a good job in the prevention and control of terrestrial wildlife in our city 》, All district and county forestry bureaus are required to do a good job 《 Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on comprehensively banning illegal wildlife trade, eliminating the bad habit of indiscriminately eating wildlife and effectively ensuring the life, health and safety of the people 》《 Law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of wildlife 》 Publicity and education work . We must carry out solid work “ The country has a sharp sword 2021 Special operation ” And the monitoring of epidemic foci and diseases of terrestrial wild animals . Be sure to report the epidemic prevention and control of terrestrial wild animals at the first time . The focus is on macaques in the scenic spot 、 Prevention and control dynamics of land wild animals such as wild boars . According to the preliminary investigation, there are nearly... Rhesus monkeys, the national second-class protected animals in our city 5000 only , There are nearly 10000 wild boars .

Fulfill their duties , Be a good guardian of epidemic prevention and control

In the face of comrades from the discipline inspection team 、 The situation that the front-line personnel of epidemic prevention and control of the unit need to go in and out of the organ courtyard every day , Especially in the face of the medium and high risk position of the unit , I'm in danger , And colleague Wang Jingdi took the initiative to carry out the duty work of the organ .“ Epidemic prevention and control , Control the fortress .” from 7 month 31 Since then , We eat in the mechanism , Sleep in the mechanism ,24 Watch out for hours , We will make every effort to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control work in the government compound . Have you eaten instant noodles 、 I've tasted the fast food delivered outside , Not afraid of mosquito bites at night …… Check the personnel in and out every day 、 Check the vehicle , Ask for identification 、 Bright code 、 Thermometry 、 personnel 、 Disinfect the vehicles and register them one by one . Clean the courtyard every day 、 And transport the garbage to the transfer station for treatment . Every day, the discipline inspection team comrades who go deep into the district and County Supervision and inspection 、 The front-line comrades of the anti epidemic department shall do a good job in relevant logistics support services . Check the office building every day 、 Guard 、 canteen ( from 8 month 11 The date of , Meals shall be served in strict accordance with the requirements of the municipal Fangzhi 、 Delivery ) And other key areas . Water the flowers and trees in the mechanism regularly . Collect and count the epidemic situation prevention and control dynamics of cadres and employees of the Bureau and personal nucleic acid detection every day .

Have the courage to bear , Do a good job “ A line of ” Volunteers for prevention and control

8 month 8 Japan , When receiving a cell group —— After Yang Zhonghan, Secretary of the Party branch of the dormitory of the No. 2 Hospital of the municipal Party committee, assigned the work task to the party members , I overcome the difficulty and pressure of being on duty , Take the initiative to fight , Report to the community , And assist secretary Yang in nucleic acid detection of community residents 、 Information registration, etc . The community has 110 Household ,270 people , In order to ensure that no one is missed in nucleic acid detection , No one is lost , On that day , Yang Shuji and I are busy until 9 Two o'clock in the morning . In order to further ensure that our bureau's epidemic prevention and control work in Gaoqiao community is foolproof , Effectively win the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation , Party secretary of the Bureau 、 Director Qin Zunjiang attached great importance to it 、 Actively strive for the next , I'm in 8 month 18 On the afternoon of Sunday 5:10 Donated by the municipal Zhigong party 110 Kg 84 disinfectant 、120 Bottle of alcohol 、24 Bottles of gelatin and other materials sent to Gaoqiao community .

His wife works in Cili , My daughter graduated from college this year and is unemployed at home ,20 Come on , Often hear my advice , Greetings to me , When you encourage me , I think , This is the power of love behind every anti epidemic worker .

This is a war without gunpowder , It is a war that cannot afford to lose . We can only work together , Sustained effort , With firm ideals and beliefs , Strong political responsibility and “ hardcore ” Style and skill , one principle runs through it all “ yan 、 fast 、 tight 、 real 、 fine ” The requirements of , In order to ensure greater victory in our epidemic prevention and control ! May the sky in Zhangjiajie be bluer , Clear water 、 The mountains are greener , People are more beautiful .

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