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2.5L + 8at power, real shooting of the new Lexus es, 10 models for you to choose from

2021-08-27 14:13:22 Oriental Information automobile

The new lexus ES As a mid-term modified model , The appearance is more domineering , The interior has also been optimized and upgraded , The configuration is equipped with 2.5L+8AT power . in addition , The car also offers ten models , Price range: 29.49-48.89 Ten thousand yuan .

The spindle type air intake grille is located in the front face part , The inner lines squeeze towards the middle , Created a good visual effect , The logo in the middle is very eye-catching , The two-sided headlight groups close to both sides look like lightning , Very sharp . It surrounds both sides like a boomerang . The visual impact of the whole front is very strong .

The shape of the side of the body is quite dynamic , The through waistline design stretches and lengthens , The three-dimensional feeling is also good . The silver wheel hub adopts a dense design , Spread from the middle to all around , Full of tension . The silver window line is also the embodiment of detail refinement .

The bilateral lamp group at the tail adopts the inverted triangle design , Two color design, the effect of turning on the light is also good . Rising duck tail 、 Exquisite shark fins and hidden exhaust ports are the embodiment of sports attributes .

The interior is designed in two colors , Add silver chrome trim , Very exquisite and high-grade . The suspended central control screen has a unique shape , The lines in the central control area are very smooth , It seems to outline the shadow of the wave . The seat wrapped in soft material feels comfortable .

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