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Is it true that manual transmission is more fuel-efficient than automatic transmission?

2021-08-27 14:13:26 Oriental Information automobile

these 2021 In the second half of , Some netizens still ask this question ……

Do manual cars really save fuel than automatic cars ? The answer should be yes , But there are three prerequisites . Small displacement and small size passenger cars

Only a manual transmission car that meets these three conditions can save fuel .

On the contrary, refer to off-road vehicles and pickup trucks , such as BJ212、 BAIC warrior, etc , Both cars are in manual gear , The engine is 1.5T、2.4T, The average fuel consumption in front exceeds 10L/100km But it's just a small car , The average fuel consumption of the latter 13L/100km about 、 The congested road is approaching 20L, Low fuel consumption ? At this time, it is bound to be said that the fuel consumption of turbocharged engine is high , However 2.0L-BJ212 The average fuel consumption is close to 12L, The fuel consumption is higher . What's going on here ?

What do manual cars rely on to save fuel ?

If a car wants to achieve low fuel consumption, it must meet the above three conditions , First of all, ordinary passenger models , Because this type of vehicle will use a load-bearing body with poor torsional resistance but light enough ; The metric horsepower concept is 1PS Seventy five kilograms of force , How much horsepower can drive multiple cars and how high the speed is basically fixed , In short, a light car with small horsepower can have an ideal sense of acceleration and high enough speed , On the contrary, heavy vehicles need more horsepower to reach the same standard . How to increase horsepower ? If you find the answer to this question, you can understand why Manual cars save fuel .

horsepower = torque × speed ÷9549(= power )×1.36

Naturally aspirated engines are mostly 4000 Turn inside 、 The higher the speed, the greater the torque , High torque multiplied by high speed equals high horsepower .

Have you found the common features of manual cars ?

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