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DPCA: the road ahead is not easy, but every step must be taken well

2021-08-27 14:13:29 Oriental Information automobile

Since I've done my best 、 Preparation for a battle against the enemy , DPCA is quietly brewing a huge “ Save your ” action . In the past year , DPCA has experienced historic turning points .

since 2020 year 12 After month on year positive growth , DPCA is 2021 year 1 This month achieved a long lost sales volume and made a good start , And continuous 8 The sales volume increased rapidly in the last month . By 2021 year 8 month 23 Japan , Cumulative sales increased year-on-year 75%, Reached 50277 car , More than last year's sales .

In the global epidemic 、 Under the dual pressure of chip shortage crisis , DPCA can achieve such sales performance , Instead of Publishing “ element +” plan 、 Brand renewal 、 The launch of new products and the implementation of multi-level new strategies such as after-sales service are inseparable .

Only self-help , Is the only way

At present, the automobile industry is in an era of change , Only tenacious automobile brands , To break through the heavy Siege , Overcome all obstacles in a desperate way , The Jedi fought back to save themselves . From last year to this year , DPCA takes “CPU action ”(C It's Citroen ,P It's Peugeot ,U yes UP—— Up , Make a little progress every day ) Target , Launched a series of self rescue actions . last year 10 month , At the Dragon Auto Culture Festival , DPCA has released “ element +” plan , Upgrade strategic actions to “ Products are more Chinese ”、“ Marketing is more accurate ”、“ Service is more reliable ”、“ Operate more efficiently ”, And start the customer-oriented DPCA “ Five heart guard action ”.

since this year on , The new Tianyi launched by DPCA one after another C5 AIRCROSS、 new 4008、 new 5008、 The new C3-XR And about to 9 Versailles, which went on sale in January C5 X Models such as , All fully reflect “ element +” plan “ Products are more Chinese ” In depth implementation of strategic actions , It can also be seen that DPCA began to pay more attention to the demand of domestic consumers for products . The first batch of models launched after the brand renewal of Dongfeng Peugeot —— new 4008、 new 5008 For example , In addition to adopting the new generation of Peugeot cutting-edge design language synchronized with Europe , The interior is closer to the aesthetic concept and car habit of Chinese consumers , It is also more in line with the requirements of domestic consumers 、 Favor and love of more practical products .

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