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If the coolant is below the scale mark, what is the most appropriate treatment?

2021-08-27 14:17:47 Oriental Information automobile

Some car owners may find that their car hasn't been driving long , The antifreeze is already below the scale mark . In fact, it is common for the coolant to fall below the scale mark .

Antifreeze has three main functions , One is to place ice in winter , The freezing point of antifreeze is low , So you don't have to worry about freezing antifreeze and damaging the engine in winter .

The second is in summer , Place the coolant in a boiling pot , That is, place boiling . It will produce a large number of bubbles and affect the circulating heat dissipation . The antifreeze itself has a high boiling point , The pressure of the cooling system will further increase its boiling point , Good stability .

The third point is that it can prevent rust and corrosion , The composition of the coolant can protect the internal metal surface of the engine from corrosion .

Don't panic when the coolant is below the scale mark , Just add the same coolant , If there is no coolant , Replenishing purified water can also .

Although replenishing purified water will dilute the effective components of antifreeze , But the antifreeze performance of the original car is almost surplus for most cars , So slight dilution won't have much effect . But this is not recommended in winter , Risk of icing .

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