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Medium and large SUV / L3 driving assistance, new polar star 3 appearance rendering exposure

2021-08-27 14:54:56 Driving sight

In recent days, , I learned a polar star from overseas media 3 Rendering of the appearance of , The new car is the third model of Jixing , Positioning as medium and large SUV, It is also its first SUV models . The internal code of the new car is “P519”, As planned, it is expected that 2022 It was put into operation at Volvo's Chengdu plant in the first half of the year , And the annual output is expected to reach 4.5 Thousands of cars .

aesthetic , Combined with the previously exposed cover map and the rendering map of the outflow of foreign media , The new car continues the design language of Jixing family , The minimalist Nordic style is reflected incisively and vividly on the new car , On both sides of the closed air intake grille are slender double walls L Type headlamp set , With the delicate front surround , Not with the current trend of sports supremacy . The design of hidden door handle on the side of the car and the addition of small wheel eyebrows are also very fashionable .

According to the current news , polestar 3 Probably based on Volvo SPA2 Medium and large vehicle platforms are built , Size comparable to Volvo XC90, The new model at present XC90 The body size of is 4953*1958*1776mm, The wheelbase is 2984mm. It can be seen that the length of the new car may reach 5 Rice or so .( The picture above shows cash Volvo XC90).

motivation , The new car is expected to be equipped with dual motor drive , Maximum output power attainable 410kW, The acceleration time is less than 4 second . Endurance , Fitted with a capacity of about 150-200 Kilowatt hour high density battery pack , stay WLTP The maximum endurance mileage under working conditions reaches 800 km . It is worth mentioning that , polestar 3 It will also be equipped with a new L3 Class a autonomous driving technology .

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