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With 4.6l V8 engine, the new Lexus GX 460 is listed overseas

2021-08-27 14:58:31 Driving sight

In recent days, , I learned from overseas media , New Lexus GX 460 It has been officially released in overseas markets , At present, the new car has been on sale in the Russian market , And will be in the North American market before the end of the year 、 The South American market is on sale .

aesthetic , The new car is still equipped with Lexus's classic family large-size spindle air inlet grille , Cooperate with matrix headlamp group +L Type daytime running lamp , The whole front face looks sharp . The side of the car body is equipped with blackened multi width rims , Metal welcome pedal, roof rack and other decorations . The rear part , The luggage compartment has two opening modes , In addition to conventional hatchback opening , It also has a rear glass opening , It's easier to get things .

interiors , The new car is equipped with a three spoke multifunction steering wheel , The instrument part is mechanical pointer + Traditional instrument composed of LCD driving computer . A piece is assembled at the centre console 10.3 Inch suspended liquid crystal display , And support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Vehicle interconnection system . Besides , The new car also provides a number of safety configurations, such as automatic braking with pedestrian and cyclist identification function and cruise control system with automatic safety distance maintenance .

motivation , New cars will continue to be shipped 4.6L Naturally aspirated V8 The engine , Maximum power accessible 221kW, The transmission system matches 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . The new car continues to provide four-wheel drive system and traditional trapezoidal chassis 、 Differential lock and other configurations , Guaranteed off-road performance .

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