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The new Changan uni-t will appear on the market on August 25 or make its offline debut at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-27 14:58:47 Driving sight

recently , The driving sight was learned from the official of Chang'an , New Changan UNI-T Will be in 8 month 25 Day officially . As a new model , The new car has been upgraded according to the model details , And added a variety of car paint and rim styles . It is worth mentioning that , The new car is expected to complete its offline debut in Chengdu auto show .

aesthetic , The new car still continues the overall design of the current model , The front face is an unbounded grille , The two sides are quite sharp split LED headlight . in addition , Some models will also provide “ A clover ” Hidden headlights , Located on both sides of the front grille .

Side view , The new UNI-T There is no obvious difference from the current model , Concealed door handle 、 The suspended roof remains . In detail , The new car adds a new style of aluminum alloy rim , Dense spoke design makes it more sporty . in addition , The government will also provide one of the largest 20 Inch double five spoke rings for consumers to choose from .

interiors , The new car is more adjusted for the interior color matching , One is all black , Add orange embellishment to the details , And extensive use of leather and suede materials . The other one uses a gray combination , Create a different interior atmosphere . configuration , The new car offers dual 12.3 Inch LCD screen 、 Three frame multifunction steering wheel 、 Face recognition and integrated sports seat .

motivation , New cars continue to be loaded 1.5T The engine , But the power has increased , Maximum power up to 138 kw , The maximum torque is 300 cattle · rice , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . in addition , Refer to the previous declaration information , The new car may also launch a 2.0T models .

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