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Euler lightning cat ice powder diamond officially appeared and will be listed in the second quarter of next year

2021-08-27 14:58:50 Driving sight

recently , Driving sight , Euler lightning cat ice pink diamond officially appeared . The new car adopts exclusive pink paint , Perfect play to the retro temperament . The new car was in 2021 It made its debut at the Shanghai auto show in , The new color model is expected to appear at Chengdu auto show , And in 2022 Listed in the second quarter of .

aesthetic , The new car adopts a retro design style similar to the good cat , The round lamp on the front face and the closed air inlet grid delete the existing heritage , It has a strong retro flavor , Elegant and modern . Side view , The new car has a sliding back design , The back lines transition smoothly , The posture is quite elegant . And in detail , A lot of chrome trim is added to the new car , Cooperate with multi width wheel rim , Create a strong taste of luxury . It is worth mentioning that , The new car also uses rimless doors and electronic rear-view mirrors , Will be Retro 、 The perfect integration of modernity and Technology .

In the tail , The new car design is relatively simple , The classic round tail lights echo the front of the car , The whole tail is almost covered by glass , Quite test the manufacturing process . In detail , The new car is also surrounded by chrome plated trim strips .

The interior , New cars, whether in design or color , It still focuses on the retro flavor . The specific term , The new car uses a three barrel instrument , Instead of the common full LCD instrument . however , The new car still retains the design of suspended central control screen , Provide more powerful information and entertainment functions for drivers and passengers . In the center , The new car is also equipped with a touch screen , To replace the physical keys . On the whole , The new car's central control system presents T The font , With and brown interior , Have much “ taste ”. Setting aspect , Euler lightning cat is expected to be equipped with super self driving system 、 intelligence AI Cockpit 、 Intelligent automatic parking system .

Dynamic part , At present, the official has not released too much power information , It is said that the new car will be equipped with a dual motor system ,0-100km/h The acceleration time can reach 3.5s. Endurance , Under the blessing of cobalt free battery , Its pure electric endurance is expected to break through 700km.

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