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Will the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS spy photos be introduced?

2021-08-27 14:59:37 Driving sight

recently , The driving line of sight obtained a new set of Porsche from overseas media 911 GT3 RS Test spy photos of . appearance , The new car uses a rather exaggerated aerodynamic package , The oversized spoiler at the rear is quite eye-catching . According to foreign media reports , The new car is expected to be officially unveiled next year .

aesthetic , The whole new car doesn't use too much camouflage , You can observe a lot of front face details , Including the through air inlet surrounded by the front 、 Heat dissipation opening of front cover, etc . It is worth mentioning that , There is some camouflage on both sides of the front surround of the new car , We speculate that the new car or add air inlet in this part to enhance the heat dissipation performance of the braking system .

And from the tail , The new car is equipped with an oversized rear spoiler , A diffuser and a central double outlet exhaust are also provided below . According to foreign media , New vehicles are equipped with rear spoiler or support active adjustment function , To provide additional downforce for the vehicle under different working conditions . motivation , new 911 GT3 RS In theory, it will continue to carry 4.0L Horizontal contraposition 6 Cylinder engine , The maximum power is increased to 550 horsepower , And match 7 speed PDK Double clutch gearbox .

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