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If you do this on the highway, you won't just deduct 12 points! Maybe

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dangerous ! dangerous ! dangerous !
Mercedes Benz on the highway , Just reacted
Yo ho ~ I drove too far
How about that



2020 year 10 month 4 Japan 8 Time , When Li drove near the ramp of Yichang FeiTing exit of Shanghai Chongqing Expressway , Because I missed the intersection , He swerved from the fast lane with the intention of turning into the ramp , But because of the timing 、 The distance has been missed , The vehicle hit the ramp guardrail at one end . The accident resulted in 5 People are slightly injured , The vehicle was badly damaged .


Miss the exit on the highway

Just think about retrograde 、 astern 、 Turn around ?

The result is clear at a glance

Doing so is equivalent to “ commit suicide ” or “ Murder ”

Extremely dangerous


The right thing to do is






To continue

That's ok



make the best of a bad bargain
Move on

Expressway 、 Don't panic when you miss the exit on the Expressway , And don't suddenly slow down 、 Parking 、 Reverse and reverse , Otherwise, it is easy to cause rear end collision and other accidents . Make mistakes , Keep your speed and move on .

Never reverse in the right lane

Or make an illegal U-turn and return retrograde on the overtaking lane

If you miss it, you miss it

Never force “ error correction ”


meanwhile , Keep enough safe distance during driving , In case of emergency ahead, don't turn in a hurry , To avoid rollover . Especially on rainy days , The braking distance will be longer , Swerving in the direction is more likely to cause the vehicle to roll over .

Move on
Look for the next exit

The vehicle missed a high-speed exit , You should keep driving at your speed , Look for the next exit . Although I walked a little more , But this is the safest way .


Turn on the light in advance
Change lanes in turn

On the way to the next high-speed exit , You should pay attention to the road signs , Prepare for lane change in advance , Use lights correctly , Change in advance under the condition of ensuring safety Avenue . Pay attention to the road signs while driving , The highway is usually near the exit 2 km 、1 Km and 500 There are road signs at the meter hour .

Remind everyone
If the vehicle is going to leave the highway
It should be done
  Turn on the light in advance , Change lanes in turn  
  Until you enter the rightmost Lane  


# Laws and regulations :

《 Regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law of the people's Republic of China 》 Article 82 provides that : Motor vehicles drive on the highway , No reversing 、 retrograde 、 The act of making a U-turn across a median or stopping in a lane .

China's laws and regulations related to road traffic safety also stipulate : Driving a motor vehicle back on the highway 、 retrograde 、 A U-turn across the median , The driver's license is recorded at one time 12 branch .

If you don't want to miss the exit
Please plan your route in advance
Improve your attention while driving , Driving with caution

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