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How long is the most appropriate time to replace the brake disc? Three tips to teach yourself to distinguish!

2021-08-27 15:16:18 Wechat automobile

You can hear squeaking when you step on the brake ,
Is it time to change your brake disc ?
Today I'll tell you in detail
How to replace the brake disc ~


What is the braking principle of the car

      First of all, let's popularize , The principle of automobile braking : When the driver applies this brake pedal , This brake oil in the brake master cylinder will generate pressure , The fluid transfers pressure through the line to the piston in the caliper of each wheel , The piston tightens the brake pads and brake discs before driving the card , This creates friction , Slow down the vehicle .


     SO... The round brake disc is clamped by the brake pad in the brake caliper to realize tire braking , The brake disc and brake pad are not replaced for a long time , Large wear will occur , Cause the vehicle braking effect to deteriorate , Therefore, it is important to master the relevant knowledge of brake discs .

What is the brake disc ?

       brake disc , Simply speaking , It's a round plate , When the car is moving, it also rotates . The brake caliper clamps the brake disc to produce braking force , When stepping on the brake, it clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop . The brake disc has good braking effect , And easier to maintain than drum brake .

Replacement mileage of brake disc

    Generally speaking, brake pads ( That is, the two pieces in the brake caliper ) Need about 3、4 10000 km for replacement , The replacement mileage of the brake disc is generally 7、8 About ten thousand kilometers . Of course, changing mileage is not absolutely , It's the owner's own driving habit ( Do you like emergency braking )、 Determined by road conditions and other factors .


When to replace the brake disc

1、 In addition to the mileage mentioned above , If the warning light of the brake disc is on, the loss has reached the limit , It needs to be replaced immediately .

2、 Check whether there are deep grooves on the brake disc , When the combined thickness of the deep trench on both sides exceeds 3 mm , You need to replace the brake disc .

3、 If the replacement frequency of brake pads is very high , You can observe the thickness of the brake pad more , If the brake disc is worn too much , It also needs to be replaced in time , Because the wear of brake pads and brake discs generally corresponds .


Daily maintenance method of brake disc

    The brake disc will generate a lot of heat under braking , So don't wash the car immediately after braking , The engine should be turned off to reduce the surface temperature of the brake disc , Prevent deformation and cracks of high temperature brake disc due to thermal expansion and contraction in contact with cold water .

    In addition, the best way to improve the service life of the brake disc is to maintain good driving habits , Try to avoid emergency braking and emergency stop .

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