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Hongjiang City: vigorously promote safe construction

2021-08-27 15:33:04 Red Net

In recent days, , Hongjiang City held a meeting to promote safe construction , Carry out special deployment on safety construction 、 Thematic promotion , To be practical “ The first kilometer ” Style of work , guarantee “ Last mile ” To implement . This is an epitome of the high position in Hongjiang City promoting the in-depth development of safe construction .

To advance “ One core and four treatments ” Is the spindle . In recent years , Hongjiang City explores the formation of the party organization as the core , autonomous 、 The rule of law 、 Rule of virtue 、 Zhizhi “ Four treatments ” Integrated grass-roots social governance system , To establish and perfect “ One core and four treatments ” The working mechanism of grass-roots social governance . By city 、 township ( The town of )、 The village ( Community ) Three levels of responsibility , take “ One core and four treatments ” Detailed decomposition of specific tasks , Do the task to the post 、 Responsibility to person 、 Construction in place , Make sure the village ( Community ) The task is completed on time with quality and quantity guaranteed . Establish and improve the village ( Community )“3+1+X” Social organizations , Set up a Council of villagers 、 Peace Council 、 Rural civilization Council , Establish village residence “ Microcirculation ”、 Township “ Microcirculation ” Governance model . at present , Chaxi village, Qiancheng town 、 Xiaping village, Anjiang town took the lead in forming pilot towns and villages for social governance innovation ,8 In January, the whole city started to build 6 A comprehensive model village for Rural Revitalization and a number of ecologically livable villages 、 Rural civilization 、 Social governance demonstration village ( Community ).

In order to build a good environment “ Bright village ” Mainline . Hongjiang City insists on “ Bright village ” Build as “ One core and four treatments ” An important starting point for the grass-roots social governance system , adopt “ Network operator agent construction 、 The government replaces compensation with awards 、 The masses spontaneously participate in ” The way , Actively connect with the construction enterprises , Guidance Village ( Community ) Sign the construction contract , Implement the site selection of monitoring sites 、 electricity 、 Housing , Coordinate contradictions and disputes , Ensure Township 、 The construction funds at the village level shall be paid in place on time . Guide the masses to download APP Or wechat group participation “ Ten household joint defense ”, Promote the high-quality and rapid start-up of the project to complete . Unicom 、 Move 、 Telecommunications and other communication enterprises and technology companies increase manpower 、 material resources 、 Financial input , Allocate and enhance the construction force , Accelerate the construction progress . The municipal power supply company actively cooperates , Give full support to all villages ( Community ) Deal with “ Bright village ” Procedures related to construction power consumption . at present , Hongjiang City has been built 87 individual “ Bright village ”, The incidence of property infringement cases decreased year-on-year 91%, It has been widely praised by the people .

To strengthen “ The masses are satisfied ” The theme of . Hongjiang City has promoted the normalization of the special struggle against underworld and evil , Further carry out industry Qingyuan action , Focus on transportation 、 Information network 、 Construction project 、 Special rectification work in four key industries such as natural resources , Under the chaos of the industry deeply hated by the masses 、 Hit hard . In view of the current telecommunications fraud strongly reflected by the masses 、 gambling 、 Drug abuse and other prominent social governance problems , Carry out continuous rectification , Step up the crackdown , Deal with it strictly and quickly , To discover together 、 Strike together 、 Together . meanwhile , Actively establish a voluntary patrol team , Cooperate with the public security police , Do a good job of daily and night patrol , Enhance the sense of security of the people within the jurisdiction . Aiming at the problem of work landing , Municipal Party committee 、 The supervision office of the municipal government cooperates with the peace Office 、 UNODC and other competent units regularly supervise , Strengthen work supervision , Don't pay attention to thought 、 Units that fail to carry out their work in place shall be notified throughout the city , For units with serious problems , Timely interview or accountability of key leaders , It has effectively ensured the implementation of safety construction tasks .

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