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Anti epidemic record | complete the fourth round of nucleic acid sampling 5 hours in advance

2021-08-27 15:33:12 Red Net

Huaihua city supports Zhangjiajie City nucleic acid sampling medical team leader , Head nurse of respiratory and critical illness Department of Huaihua first people's hospital —— Yao Juan .

8 month 20 On the afternoon of Sunday 4 Half past six , We received a notice from ritapu town , Ask for in 21 Noon 12 Complete the phase I task of the fourth round of nucleic acid sampling before , evening 10 All subsequent nucleic acid sampling tasks must be completed before dot .

The task is urgent , I'll call... At once 2 Vice captain and 3 A male team member rushed to the town government to distribute the materials of each group . After the distribution of materials , evening 9 Then I attended the fourth round of video conference on nucleic acid detection of all staff in Zhangjiajie . After the meeting , I conveyed the key requirements of the meeting to each team member and emphasized , Ensure the successful completion of the fourth round of sampling task .

21 Day in the morning 5 spot , The whole team quickly assembled , Starting from the hotel in the rain to the town government ,15 The village Party Secretary of each sampling point will connect the team members to each sampling point , morning 6 The fourth round of nucleic acid sampling was conducted in Ruitapu Town, Sangzhi County .

It's dark , The temperature in ritapu town is low in the morning , The rain gradually stopped . After the first three rounds of sampling , The team members cooperate with each other 、 The cooperation is very tacit , The sampling work is carried out in an orderly manner .

Time is tight and task is heavy , I've finished patrolling the collection point and 7 spot 50 branch , Then he rushed to the collection point of the first group for sampling . Finally, the whole team 15 All the members of the group went well at noon 11 The point completes the first stage sampling task in advance , After taking off the protective clothing, each group rushed to the next collection point .

15 A group in Ruishi community 15 A collection point took a break after lunch , And immediately carry out the follow-up sampling task . This noon weather is particularly annoying , The sun is at the head , Despite a shower , I can't get rid of the muggy weather . The team members wore airtight protective clothing , Against the 37℃ Nucleic acid sampling for local people at high temperature , Although sweat blurred our eyes , Both hands 、 Feet soaked in sweat , But I heard “ thank you all , You've been working hard !”“ thank you ‘ Great white ’ aunt ! thank you !” This sound of heartfelt thanks 、 Simple words , It warms the hearts of every team member . The recognition and encouragement of the masses is the power source that inspires us to overcome difficulties and stick to the end . In order to protect the lives of the people , No matter how hard and tired, it's worth !

8 month 21 On the afternoon of Sunday 5 spot , With the joint efforts of the team members , Huaihua City aid mulberry nucleic acid sampling team smoothly ahead of schedule 5 Finish the... In hours 4 Round nucleic acid sampling task , Co sampling 1.6 More than one ( Share ), He handed over a perfect answer sheet for the anti epidemic work in Zhangjiajie .( Zeng Yue Arrangement )

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