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One after another, the property was stolen, and Mayang public security finally received "this"

2021-08-27 15:33:22 Red Net

On August 18, Mr. que, a resident, sent a banner printed with the words "solve the case quickly and serve the people" to Mayang Jinjiang police station to thank the police for helping him recover the stolen property. On August 20, Mr. Xu also came to Jinjiang police station to present a banner. Mr. Que and Mr. Xu were stolen by the same criminal suspect. After careful investigation by the police, suspect Tang Mouhong was arrested and stolen. All the stolen property was returned to Que and Xu. p>

Recently, Mr. Xu reported to Mayang Jinjiang police station that a motorcycle had been stolen; Mr. que reported to the police that a Huawei mobile phone and a quartz watch had been stolen; The victim Teng reported to the police that his property was stolen at home, with a loss of 600 yuan and an oppo mobile phone

The successive cases of property theft have aroused the high vigilance of the police. In order to effectively crack down on illegal crimes against property and recover the losses of the masses, Jinjiang police station organized capable forces to carry out investigation, research and judgment. By analyzing the video and surrounding investigation, the police speculated that several cases were taken for the same person, and quickly locked the suspect Tang Mouhong. In August 10th, the police arrested Tang Mouhong in the East Jin Jiang Garden Hotel. p>

In the investigation, the police found that Tang mouhong was released after serving her sentence in April this year. After a lapse of more than a month, she began to commit a crime again. According to Tang mouhong, from June to August this year, he stole 2 motorcycles, 2 mobile phones, 1 watch and 1000 yuan in cash in alleys, residential buildings, shops and other places in the county, with a total value of more than 6000 yuan. Finally, with the unremitting efforts of the police, a stolen motorcycle, two mobile phones, a watch and more than 1000 yuan in cash were recovered

It is said that he can correct his mistakes and do nothing good, but Tang mouhong has no repentance. At present, he has been criminally detained by Mayang public security organ according to law for violating the criminal law of the people's Republic of China. He will be punished more severely by the law

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