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At 24:00 on August 23: No. 92 gasoline was reduced by 0.20 yuan / L

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  [ Car home   information ]  According to the national development and Reform Commission , A new round of oil product price adjustment window will be opened today (8 month 23 Japan )24 On when . The specific situation of this oil price adjustment is as follows : Gasoline cut per ton 250 element , Reduction of diesel per ton 245 element . On average across the country :92 No. 1 gasoline per liter down 0.20 element ;95 No. 1 gasoline per liter down 0.21 element ;0 No. 1 diesel oil per liter down 0.21 element . According to the fuel tank of ordinary household car 50L Capacity estimation , Fill up a box 92 Number of gasoline , Will spend less 10 element . This time 2021 In the first 16 Secondary price adjustment , It's also 2021 The third price reduction in , at present 2021 What is the oil price situation in “10 rose 3 drop 3 Be stranded ”.

 Car home

 Car home

   During the price adjustment period , The market demand for crude oil decreased 、 Concerns about increased supply have intensified , Oil prices continued to fall . Demand side , Novel coronavirus pneumonia variant virus delta accelerated diffusion , To prevent and control the epidemic , Multinational travel restrictions , Weak demand for transportation fuel . On the supply side ,“ OPEC +” The intensity of production reduction will be relaxed from this month , Daily production increase 40 barrels , The U.S. energy information administration expects ,9 U.S. shale oil production will increase to last year 5 The highest since the month .

   Both supply and demand sides are negative , Investors' worries are rising , There was a sell-off in the market , New York WTI Non commercial long positions in crude oil have fallen to the lowest level this year , Oil prices are therefore under pressure . The dollar index rose to last year 11 The highest since the month , It also depresses the price of crude oil in dollar terms . Multiple factor stack , Continuous oil price 7 Days down , Down to 5 Low since late June . On average , Brent, London 、 New York WTI Oil prices were lower than the previous price adjustment cycle 5.77%、6.18%.

   National Development and Reform Commission Price Monitoring Center expects , Overall, the recovery process of global economy and crude oil demand is relatively certain ,“ OPEC +” Recently, the report raised the global economic growth forecast for this year , Meanwhile, the growth forecast of global crude oil demand remains unchanged . But the new crown variant virus continues to spread , It will disturb the operation of oil price , Oil prices will fluctuate in the short term .( Source : CCTV's finance and economics, ; compile / Car home graduation )

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