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Kong Xueer's relationship was suspected to be exposed, microblog comments overturned, fans asked to break up, and the man's identity was picked!

2021-08-27 15:55:46 Tencent Entertainment

In today's , The popular idol in the entertainment industry has exposed new relationships , It's the restricted women's group THE9 Member Kong Xueer , The news , Instantly attracted the attention of many netizens .

It is reported that , A paparazzi caught Kong Xueer eating in the same restaurant with a strange man , And then , They went to the same bar to have a party with their friends , But because they entered separately , therefore , It's hard to judge , however , At about five o'clock the next morning , The boy came out with Kong Xueer , And still holding the woman's bag .

later , The boy opened the door for Kong Xueer very gentlemanly , Then they left by car together , Last , They came to the girl's house , Maybe Kong Xueer is too cautious , After getting off, he trotted all the way into the unit building , And the boys were very calm at first , later , When approaching the door of the unit building, he also began to trot , therefore , This means that Kong Xueer's love affair has been officially exposed .

Kong Xueer as a popular women's group THE9 One of the members , Because of his outstanding appearance and dancing skills , Also known as the facade of the combination , Moreover, there are personal film and television dramas and resident variety resources , The overall development is also smooth , But this time it broke out , Although not before Huo Zun 、 Things like Zhang zhehan are serious , But as an idol , Career may also be greatly affected .

Now , The news of Kong Xueer's love affair remains high , It directly caused her microblog to overturn and fall , Many fans commented and begged her to break up , Because in the past, most of the people who exposed their relationships were male idols , Instead, female idols are better , Everyone is seriously engaged in business , But Kong Xueer directly broke this principle , also , She also became the first member of the limited women's League to expose her relationship .

Soon after , The identity of Kong Xueer's boyfriend was also disclosed by netizens , According to the man and Kong Xueer have many coats and hair colors of the same style , Finally, it was determined that the man was ma Sihan, a kunyin trainee , And the man also participated in this year's 《 There is your youth 3》, But in the end, it was just a round of swimmers , therefore , Without any attention or topic volume , Basically, it can be said to be an 18th tier artist .

By noon ,THE9 The official wechat also responded to Kong Xueer's love , Denied the relationship , And it means it's just a gathering of friends . But many netizens don't approve of this explanation , After all, they all entered the same community , This explanation is too general , Actually , For Popular Idols , Love means touching the red line , Both men and women are the same .

and , Now? THE9 Itself due to the scandal that members say , Basically, it can only be performed in the form of eight people , therefore , There is some controversy about the combination itself , Now? , Kong Xueer broke out new negative news , It will be dissolved in four months , But I didn't expect to be photographed by paparazzi at this time , I don't know if it will affect the subsequent development of the portfolio .

therefore , By comparison , Or the hard candy girl from the goose factory next door 303 Better , There has been no scandal since his debut . What do you think of this ?

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