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Toyota's global production decreased by 40% in September, even involving these best-selling cars! Consumers are worried

2021-08-27 16:04:17 Oriental Information automobile

TOYOTA in 8 month 19 Announced Wednesday , Plan in 8 The month and 9 In June, new production and operation adjustments were made to Japan's domestic production lines . Except for small volume production models , The largest discontinued model is lexus LX570 And Rand cooluzer 300, Its production line will be discontinued 20 God , therefore , Toyota 9 Global production in May will be lower than originally planned 40%.

Originally Toyota 7 The latest plan made in late June is to produce nearly 90 Thousands of cars , And now forced to drop to 50 More than . In addition to the global semiconductor shortage , The epidemic situation in Southeast Asia is becoming more and more serious , As a result, the purchase of parts for many vehicles has been suspended , All these affect the yield .

At present, the production scale affected is 35 Thousands of cars . from 9 In early June, Toyota began to produce Takaoka factory, the main domestic production plant in Japan ( Toyota City, Aichi county ) And many production lines such as the causeway plant will be shut down for several weeks . In North America 、 The scale of production reduction in China and Europe is tens of thousands , This makes Toyota 9 The global production in January is about 50 Thousands of cars , Significantly lower than the same period last year (2020 year 9 month ) Of 84 Thousands of cars .

Toyota from 7 From late June to 8 In the first ten days of this month, the Tianyuan factory was suspended ( Tianyuan City, Aichi County )、 Jiyuan factory of Toyota car body, a fully funded subsidiary ( Toyota City, Aichi county ) And Fujitsu factory ( Aichi County, Fagu city ) The production of . Because the epidemic is spreading in Vietnam , Parts supply stopped . In addition, due to the shortage of semiconductor chips ,8 In early June, some production lines of Takaoka factory were stopped .

Toyota also announced the affected vehicles and production lines , corolla 、 Carola travel Touring、 Toyota Harrier、 Prius α as well as RAV4 Are among them ,8 It will be discontinued in June 1 Japan 、9 It will be discontinued in June 13 Japan . Prius and Prius PHV Our production line will be shut down 10 God . Alex and Alex Cross The production line will also be shut down 10 God .

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