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Implementing the double carbon goal, BYD will build the first zero carbon park headquarters of Chinese automobile brands

2021-08-27 16:07:52 Oriental Information automobile

In response to the country “2030 Annual carbon peak 、2060 Annual carbon neutralization ” Policy requirements , Following BYD's announcement at the beginning of the year to launch the research on enterprise carbon neutralization planning , stay 8 month 19 The first of Pingshan Industrial Park was officially launched on August “ Zero carbon Park ” project , Build the first zero carbon park headquarters of Chinese automobile brand . meanwhile , In order to improve the ability and level of carbon emission control of enterprises , BYD has recently formally established a carbon emission management committee headed by the group's main leaders , There is a committee office , Take the implementation of the double carbon goal as the goal of the group and the business division “ Top engineering ” To catch . BYD has set up a policy research and green product planning group 、 Clean energy conversion group 、 Energy conservation and emission reduction promotion group 、 Green procurement and Carbon Asset Development Group 、 Carbon neutralization Certification Group 、 Green and low-carbon publicity group and low-carbon social welfare group , The leaders of these working groups are the top leaders of the corresponding organizations of the company .

On the development path of implementing the double carbon goal , BYD strives to be a pioneer in sustainable development , Committed to promoting the zero carbon goal with technological innovation . One of the first “ Zero carbon Park ” The start of the project , It will build more and more zero carbon factories and zero carbon parks for BYD and the automotive industry and accumulate experience , To speed up the green and low-carbon transformation of transportation industry and manufacturing industry in China , Contribute BYD's experience and wisdom .

BYD held its first “ Zero carbon Park ” Project kick-off meeting

The first demonstration case of BYD's zero carbon Park Headquarters

BYD Pingshan automobile headquarters Industrial Park was built in 2006 year 9 month , Located in Pingshan District, Shenzhen , It's BYD's heart , It will be constructed in two phases , The total floor area is about 230 Thousands of square meters , Employee appointment 5 ten thousand people . One of the first “ Zero carbon Park ” The project is first selected in the automobile headquarters Industrial Park , It reflects BYD's high attention to carbon emission control and firm action to promote the zero carbon goal . BYD invited the global inspection center 、 Identification of 、 A leader in testing and certification services SGS General standard technical service company , Provide consulting, certification and technical support for the project . BYD believes that we should promote carbon emission reduction and achieve carbon neutralization , First of all, we should carry out systematic learning , For example, how to identify carbon emission sources 、 How to calculate the emission data 、 What is the space for emission reduction 、 How to use green energy 、 Ways to achieve carbon neutralization, etc . At the project kick-off meeting , The relevant person in charge of BYD said : To play BYD people “ Dare to fight 、 combined action ” The spirit of , All departments cooperate with each other , BYD automotive headquarters “ Zero carbon Park ” The project was successfully completed ; At the same time, the first zero carbon Park project in Pingshan is the achievement , Form demonstration cases and experience , Open the carbon peak of BYD 、 The prelude to carbon neutralization . At present , In promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in the manufacturing industry 、 Promote carbon neutrality in transportation , BYD is taking green innovative technology and practical action , From “ Responsibility commitment ” To “ Landing action ”、 from “ Green solutions ” To “ Zero carbon Park ” Firm steps .

BYD issued a green and low-carbon declaration action

BYD's package of green solutions contributes to the zero carbon goal

Industrial Park is the main carrier of industrial development ,“ Double carbon ” The goal puts forward new requirements for the low-carbon development of industrial parks . Byd to “ Zero carbon Park ” Construction for implementation “ Double carbon ” An important part of our work , Actively carry out “ Zero carbon Park ” Exploration and construction of , From the energy structure of the park 、 Industrial structure 、 Green transportation 、 Green purchasing 、 Green production 、 Strengthen carbon emission reduction actions in green operation and other aspects , At the same time, through green technology 、 Products and solutions , Realize enterprise energy conservation and emission reduction . In Pingshan automobile headquarters Industrial Park , BYD gives full play to its unique advantages in the field of new energy , Will photovoltaic 、 Energy storage 、 New energy vehicle 、 A package of green solutions such as Yungui and yunba , Applied to all aspects of production and life in the park . such as , BYD will build a three-dimensional, intelligent and green rail transit system in the park 、 New energy vehicles for travel and commuting 、 Energy light storage system 、 Charging piles for new energy vehicles can be seen everywhere . Now , BYD provides a package of green solutions , start-up “ Zero carbon Park ” Building , Expand zero carbon work to the daily production and life of enterprises , Through the internal green circulation system , Strive to create a green ecological environment of the whole park .

Pingshan BYD Industrial Park three-dimensional intelligent green transportation system

Roof photovoltaic system of Pingshan BYD Industrial Park

Now , BYD launched the first “ Zero carbon Park ” project , Uphold “ green 、 Low carbon 、 sustainable ” idea , It comes down in one continuous line with BYD's green dream , BYD, too “ Cool the earth 1℃” Specific actions of the initiative . With BYD “ Zero carbon Park ” Start building , There are more and more zero carbon parks in the automotive industry , Form a demonstration effect from point to area , Contribute to the implementation of the national double carbon goal .

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