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Honda hit hard! New Binzhi close-up real shooting, with a new appearance, netizen: xiaoguandao

2021-08-27 16:08:02 Oriental Information automobile

In the face of the current domestic hot SUV market , Major automobile brands have increased their in SUV Investment in the field , In particular, independent automobile brands , Accelerated in SUV The renewal speed of the field , At the same time, it also further improves the market layout , Created a series of new cars , So as to meet the needs of domestic consumers , In contrast, joint venture brands , The same is to SUV The market pays more attention to it , Like the public 、 Toyota 、 Honda 、 Mainstream joint venture brands such as Nissan have also joined the generation trend , Today we want to talk about a brand-new car that Honda has paid more attention to recently SUV models —— A new generation of Binzhi , at present , A new generation of Binzhi has been released overseas , It is expected to realize domestic production in the first quarter of next year .

From the current performance of cash Binzhi in China , It can be said to be very good , The monthly sales volume can be stable at more than 10000 units , It's a small one of its kind SUV The best of them , The reason why we can achieve such outstanding results , fuel-efficient 、 Large space 、 The characteristic of being close to the people has played a very important role , The new generation of Binzhi can be said to have been upgraded on this basis , It mainly focuses on the appearance of the golden mean and the old interior “ Subversive ” The upgrade , Showing greater competitiveness , The pair are small SUV It is undoubtedly a very big impact , Now let's combine the actual pictures , Let's take a look at the specific performance of the new generation of Binzhi .

Have to say , The appearance of the new generation of Binzhi is really amazing , The new design language takes on a new look , There is no shadow of cash at all , The modeling outline of the front face creates a sense of vision of the crown , therefore , Many netizens call this new car “ Small crown Road ”, And on the front face , Added a lot of popular elements , For example, the frameless banner air inlet grille , While bringing beauty , It also brings high recognition , The light groups on both sides have also been redesigned , Long, narrow and sharp styling LED Blessing of light source , Caused a strong design impact , The blackened front surround below is decorated with silver trim , The dynamic atmosphere has been further improved .

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