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Guo yongxiao communicated with Wang Yaping, a Chinese ceramic master, on the art of pottery carving in purple clay pots

2021-08-27 16:10:41 Red Net

8 month 22 Japan , Guo yongxiao, a seal cutter, and Wang Yaping, a master of Chinese ceramic art, conducted artistic exchanges and cooperation in Yixing, Jiangsu .

The two sides exchanged views on the making technology of purple clay pot and the culture and art of pottery carving , And reach a consensus on the next step of cooperation .

event .

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Meng Li )8 month 22 Japan , Seal engraver Guo yongxiao and Chinese ceramic art master 、 Senior craft artist 、 Wang Yaping, a member of China Artists Association, conducted artistic exchanges and cooperation in Yixing, Jiangsu Province .

Wang Yaping said in the exchange activities :“ Guo yongxiao's works are natural 、 Different style , It gives people a sense of integration with classical elements . In especial , He has a pioneering spirit in the contemporary art of making purple clay pots , He applied seal cutting to the craft of purple clay pot, thus opening up a new artistic craft —— Pottery carving .”

“ Pottery carving is a part of seal cutting , It is also the most delicate link in the making process of purple clay pot , And the art of seal cutting , It's calligraphy ( Mainly seal script ) And engrave ( Including chisels 、 casting ) The art of combining to make seals , It is a unique art form of Chinese characters .” Guo yongxiao introduced . Guo yongxiao is deeply rooted in the artistic heritage of knife cutting, axe chiseling , Among his numerous purple clay pot works , Its pottery carving reveals a kind of vicissitudes to the outside world 、 The rustic elegance of wind erosion and rain stripping , The artistic style is diverse , Well received by the outside world . In interviews , Guo yongxiao said that it is a great honor to discuss and exchange with Mr. Wang Yaping and preliminarily reach a cooperation consensus . He also admitted that since he was engaged in the art of purple clay pot , He always insists on integrating the multiple aesthetic elements of calligraphy into each purple clay pot , Through seal cutting and pottery carving, the artistic exchange between calligraphy and purple clay pot is realized , In a sense, it is also a kind of cultural inheritance .

It is little known that when Wang Yaping first saw Guo yongxiao, he took one of his early registered in the country “ Yaping pot ”, Then Guo yongxiao was entrusted to carve pottery on the spot …… After appreciation , As a ceramic artist, Wang Yaping spoke highly of Guo yongxiao's artistic achievements in this exchange , He said that Guo yongxiao's purple clay pot pottery carving art pursues the grandeur of calligraphy 、 Natural beauty , and “ Seal into the book ”, The blade is vigorous and powerful , There is no lack of meekness beauty and upright masculinity . Wang Yaping stressed :“ The simpler things are, the harder they are to do , Simplicity is not monotonous , In the process of pottery carving, if there is a slight defect, all previous efforts will be wasted .”

Wang Yaping from 1974 Annual contact with purple sand 、 Learn ceramics 40 many years , Never stop on purple sand 、 The creation and development of painted pottery art , Especially in the original ceramic art with the flavor of the times and national cultural characteristics .

The end of the event , The two sides exchanged views on the development and cooperation of purple clay pot art , Wang Yaping said that he would work together with seal engraver Guo yongxiao , Contribute new forces to Chinese purple clay pot art . meanwhile , It also marks the integration of Guo yongxiao's dual art of calligraphy and seal cutting into the pottery carving process of purple clay pot , Thus, the unique artistic value system of Guo yongxiao's purple clay pot is constructed .

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