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Is the fourth generation imperial with a pre-sale price of 92000 really expensive? Don't rush to pick up the car, but wait!

2021-08-27 16:22:32 Snail chezhi

as everyone knows , Although our domestic brands have made remarkable achievements in the past two years , But this is mainly focused on SUV market , In the car market , There are not many popular models . however , Geely Dihao has been relying on good product strength and reputation , In the leading position in domestic cars . And we know that , The fourth generation of imperial has appeared , And announced the pre-sale price , And according to official sources , By the end of 8 month 8 Daily orders exceed 10000 . This is the momentum , Obviously already told us , This new generation of Regal is very competitive .

According to Xiaobian , The official listing of the fourth generation imperial will be put on the upcoming Chengdu auto show , According to the previously announced pre-sale price ,8.7 Million and $ 9.2 Ten thousand yuan , The market has another voice , It's just that the pricing is too floating , Especially with cash tycoons 1 Compared with more than 10000 terminal discounts , The fourth generation of emperors is really not cheap .

Don't worry. , Let's first analyze the product power of this car . To be honest , The replacement of the fourth generation of emperors , As far as Xiaobian is concerned, he is quite successful , Whether it's appearance , Or the interior has been reborn , however , Should say no , Performance in power , Perhaps it is still the biggest slot of the fourth generation Imperial .

Appearance design , We can see the visual feeling created by the fourth generation of emperors , I feel like I've got rid of cheap 、 Entry level image , Whether it's a sense of grade , Or the sense of fashion has improved . Specific to the details , The fourth generation imperial adopted the design of wide body and low lying down , Many people call this car xiaoxingrui , The latest family design can be seen on the front face , The straight waterfall air inlet grille is very eye-catching . The side , The fourth generation of Regal makes people feel more slender , However, there is no obvious change in body size compared with current models , It may be that the effect of body lines brings a slender and fashionable visual feeling . Tail words , More eye-catching places , Is the use of through tail lights , More eye-catching and fashionable .

Interior design , To be honest , Compared with 10 About 10000 joint venture cars , The fourth generation of emperors can't be any better . Actually , The interior materials and visual feeling of cash imperial are also good , The design of the fourth generation Imperial is even more brilliant , Large size suspended central control screen , Large size full LCD instrument panel , The through air conditioning outlets are the highlights of the design . Besides , On top of the configuration , Xiaobian thinks we don't have to worry too much , Geely has always been willing to pay for this , Whether it's intelligent networking configuration or some comfort 、 Utility configuration , In the fourth generation of imperial cars, there will be .

appearance , On the interior , Rationally speaking , The fourth generation of emperors have nothing to be picky about . however , On power , The fourth generation is still equipped with a 1.5L The engine of , Maximum power is 114 horsepower , Peak torque is 147Nm. From the book data , This kind of power performance is only better than the current model . I do not know! , Specific experience , In some cash car owners criticized the high fuel consumption , Can the disadvantage of poor power be improved ?

without doubt , As an entry-level family car , The comprehensive product power of the fourth generation of Dihao can definitely be put out . And in terms of price ,8.7 and 9.2 The pre-sale price of million , It only refers to the pre-sale price of top equipped models and sub top equipped models , This can be said to be a small routine played by Geely , After the official listing , The price of the main selling models should be close to the people . Yes, of course , For consumers at this level , If you really like the fourth generation of emperors , The budget card is tight , You can also wait and buy , Believe that over time , The terminal will also come up with preferential policies , After all, this market is very competitive , What do you say ?

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