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Get started with 2.0T + look! Guinness Seth pushes a new sports medium-sized car, benchmarking BMW 3 series?

2021-08-27 16:22:36 Snail chezhi

China's luxury car market , It has always been a place for everyone to compete ! Except for what we know BBA Other than luxury brands , Many auto groups around the world are also actively layout in China , For example, the three Japanese brothers , Eulogize 、 infiniti 、 lexus , And the American Cadillac 、 Lincoln, wait , Now Korean luxury brands also want to enter the Chinese auto market , Not so long ago , A new high-end brand from South Korea, Janice Seth, has released G80 and GV80 Both models .

From these two cars , We can see that , Design can be said to be the most dazzling part of Denise's aura . The first sight of these two cars , I believe that many people will send out such doubts like me : Which country's luxury car is this ? It's quite personal , Kind of like Bentley , But it's not exactly like , I can see it must be a luxury car , The freshness is still very strong .

Of course , Now we want to compete with... In the Chinese market BBA Brands compete , Rely solely on G80 and GV80 It's not enough , In order to open up more markets , Janice Seth decided to 8 month 29 Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th , Bring a new medium-sized car G70.

First of all, look at the appearance ,G70 With a younger overall temperament , Diamond shaped Zhongwang 、 Exaggerated front surround 、 Black decoration and separate headlights with distinct personality , Making this car look will give you a kind of “ This car is not easy to mess with ” The feeling of .

And in the front enclosure , The new car is equipped with a three-stage diversion groove , The interior is equipped with diamond black mesh , This makes it have a very strong fighting style , It also dilutes the luxurious business atmosphere brought by family design to a certain extent , It looks very unique .

Come to the back of the car , Janice Seth G70 Equipped with a sharp spoiler , At the same time, the slender body 、 The flat roof makes it look very attitude , The lower two-sided double outlet oval exhaust holes , It even looks like Bentley . And a diffuser like design will be used below the rear enclosure , This sports arena is not inferior to BMW at all 3 system .

interiors ,G70 The overall design style and G80 Very similar , The layout of the center console with a rich sense of hierarchy , Leather in double color design 、 Diamond pattern design of door panel and other design blessings , The overall atmosphere of the new car is still very high-grade , It can also make me tired of reading BBA Consumers of its models have a refreshing feeling .

motivation , Janice Seth G70 It is expected to use one 2.0T In-line four cylinder turbocharged engines , matching 8AT transmission , The most powerful 187kW(251hp), Peak torque 353N·m, And it may be equipped with four-wheel drive system , So , There is no need to worry about the power of the new car .

in general , Janice Seth G70 From appearance 、 interior 、 In terms of motivation , It's in BMW 3 The Department is still very competitive , If you can give a very sincere price at that time , Then its future should be brighter , What do you think? ?

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