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Good and stable handling of the new car? At present, the maximum discount of xinbaojun RM5 is 10000 yuan, starting from 68800 yuan

2021-08-27 16:26:56 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced the new Baojun RM5 Preferential prices in the region : At present, xinbaojun RM5 The highest discount for car purchase 1 Ten thousand yuan ,6.88 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back on xinbaojun RM5 Basic information of . New Baojun RM-5“ Interstellar geometry ” The front face looks quite novel , Have a sense of science fiction , It's very in line with the temperament of this car . The large lattice grid adopts through design , It greatly stretches the visual width of the front face , With silver trim , It enriches the overall sense of hierarchy . New Baojun RM-5 Our headlights adopt a split design , Rich sense of future , The headlamp unit is equipped with halogen light source as standard , Full of sense of technology . From the side , New Baojun RM-5 The upper and lower black treatment is adopted , Make the middle body very flat , And create some sense of movement , At the same time, the concave waist line running through the front and rear door handles is very innovative . But as a household computer MPV,RM-5 No side sliding door design , This point is not humanized . The rear part , A small spoiler extends above , And embedded in the high-level brake lamp , High recognition after lighting ; The lower light group is more dynamic , And connected by a black trim panel , When lit, it also does not lose recognition . Into the car , New Baojun RM-5 The interior of the is designed in two colors , And emphasize the sense of Technology . The center console adopts through design , The dual width multifunction steering wheel is decorated with black trim , With... On the steering wheel “BAOJUN” word , Create a good sense of grade , The two large-size LCD screens in front show a sense of luxury , Match with the mechanical buttons arranged regularly below , It looks particularly exquisite , The interior appearance value is very high . New Baojun RM-5 Carrying 1.5T Four cylinder turbocharged engine , The most powerful 147 horsepower , Peak torque 250N.m, matching CVT Stepless gearbox ( simulation 8 block ), And meet the national six emissions , When the car starts , The throttle response is sensitive . Although the driver is a MPV, But there is no feeling of bulkiness . For urban transportation , Walking and stopping is also lighter . Steering accuracy is good , At the same time, there is no obvious vacancy . In addition, the steering power is adjusted in three stages , In standard mode, the hand feel is already lighter , You can also choose a lighter comfort mode and a heavier sports mode . It's all standard 7 Inch LCD Meter and 10.25 Inch center control LCD screen , And it integrates intelligent voice control 、 Car networking 、OTA And other high-end intelligent functions , In addition to that 6 The speaker 、 Tire pressure display 、 Rear air outlet 、 Keyless entry / start-up 、 Constant speed cruise, etc. have achieved the standard configuration of the whole series , The overall configuration performance is very high .

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