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Onlookers of "human high-quality men" can't stop their aesthetic appreciation of net red

2021-08-27 16:33:05 Red Net

writing / Wu Di

According to the 8 month 22 Japan 《 The daily economic news 》 reports , In the near future ,“ Human high-quality men ” The topic is hot . With the topic of fire is the new online celebrity Xu , With his weird makeup 、 Side squatting pose , And self styled financial capital elite 、 A small number of high net worth men in China , Posted a message on Weibo “ Human high-quality male courtship human high-quality female ” In the video , It became popular . And then , Many netizens found that , The paid fan base it has set up is... A year 7.5 Ten thousand yuan , The cost per month is as high as 2.5 Ten thousand yuan , Some people think this is making enough traffic , Start harvesting leeks . at present , Relevant platforms have banned their accounts 、 Stop member function .

Just a month ,“ Human high-quality men ” Xu has quickly completed the process of creating wonderful human designs 、 The whole process from accumulating popularity to harvesting leeks . Fortunately, the relevant platforms made timely moves , Stopped the bad wind .

It's cold when it's on fire , Explain the rational voice on the Internet 、 Criticism prevailed , This is a welcome wind . But the network became popular for about a month , The style and direction of things , It looks familiar —— Xu's popularity path is similar to that in the early Internet era ,“ It's the same recipe , It's still the same ”. such as , Shape things like “ Deformed Phoenix man ” Wait for specious 、 People who are prone to controversial topics , At the same time, throw out some topics with the energy of detonating the public opinion field , Achieve the purpose of rapidly accumulating popularity , For the next step “ Attention economy ” paving .

Why can this old routine and the value of judging ugliness succeed , And become someone's... Again and again “ golden rule and precious precept ”? An important reason is “ A bad name is also a good name 、 Black and red are also red ”, This is an extremely critical resource in the eye effect , Attention has commercial value , And bring considerable benefits . As report goes , After Xu became popular , Advertisers came into contact immediately , At the same time, he has set up a high threshold for paying fans . I'm afraid this is the driving force for some people to become online celebrities even if they don't hesitate to sacrifice their dignity .

Besides , spin 、 Potential formation 、 Borrowing power , Capital and wanghong cooperate with each other , Even create a team to carry out marketing activities , It has become a more mature online marketing ecosystem .“ Human high-quality men ” The topic is hot , A live broadcast platform is set up for Xu “ Courtship session ”, Constantly chisel its net red characteristics . Of course , Netizen “ Picture 1 music ”, gather and watch 、 Joining in the fun will also create a hot atmosphere for some online celebrities and topics .

For good and evil, beauty and ugliness , People have their own standards and opinions . For most people , There will be the most basic distinction between cyberspace and its behavior . But what must be paid attention to is , Some netizens occupy cyberspace 、 Consume public resources , Even to a certain extent, deliberately confuse the potential impact of behaviors such as beauty and ugliness value , It really exists . Especially some key minorities with a large number of fans , I'm passionate about “ Make garbage to earn traffic ” Capital and platform boost , The role it plays 、 every word and action , Could cause more waves .

Never let the wonderful words and deeds of a few people 、 The evil interest of the platform generates income and occupies public resources , It should be our consensus . Internet age , Everyone has a camera 、 Microphone , Show yourself 、 Shape people 、 Enjoy the fun , Even to earn traffic is understandable , But there must be clear boundaries 、 The bottom line . Internet , The reason is that , It is precisely because this field breaks through personal space , Countless personal private areas are connected to form a public space ——“ Butterfly Effect ” The probability of occurrence in the Internet world is much greater than that in physical geography .

However , We always denounce this lack of nutrition , Even poisonous Internet Celebrities and topics , While sniffing the smell, they swarmed in , With the mentality of joining in the fun, we have completed the task of judging the ugly and making mischief again and again . The first generation of net red has long faded , And the way to become popular 、 Aesthetic ability is still standing still , This really requires us to reflect .

In the era of Internet popularity and plot design, cars frequently overturn , What kind of spiritual guide does the highly embedded online world need ?

Actually , Net red is another form of grass-roots star , It should not be too far away from the general public . We chose to go alone , It must have some characteristics , Have some empathy with fans , Even have a certain impact on the behavior of fans . such as , We have all seen the miracle of a city's tourism market with a short video network . Besides , I once saw in a video post of a fitness blogger , Many fans have expressed the same meaning : I watched your video , I recovered my fighting spirit for fitness .

exactly , We need some positive forces , Hold up your tired body 、 Filled with confused hearts —— Maybe it's because of the net 、 The most important characteristic of people who eat on the net .

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