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Wear kimonos and be discouraged. Beware of the deviation of patriotism

2021-08-27 16:33:35 Red Net

In recent days, , A woman in a kimono lined up for nucleic acid testing in Xiamen, Fujian Province, and was persuaded back by volunteers , Express :“ Go home, change clothes and come back ”, It has aroused heated discussion among netizens .

Netizens have different views on this matter . Some people think volunteers are doing the right thing , Chinese people should wear Chinese clothes , Blame it “ It's been a long time , Forget how the good days came ”; Some netizens think , Volunteers are too wide , There's no need to be so sensitive . Netizens hold their own opinions , Unable to agree .

On closer examination, you will find , Now the issue is constantly debated , It's just that netizens focus on whether nucleic acid testing should wear kimonos . Kimono seems to become a kind of “ Fine day ” The symbol of , As a kind of communication “ Forget history ”“ Forget national humiliation ” And so on , So as to create a common meaning space on the Internet platform . However , Forced the “ kimono ” And “ National humiliation ” hook , Think wearing kimonos for nucleic acid testing is “ Fine day ” Behavior , Obviously, this is in patriotism “ Sheepskin coat ”, The implementation of moral kidnapping and public opinion trial “ Wolf ” Act . Should we wear kimonos for nucleic acid testing , It's personal freedom , The state did not expressly stop , Public opinion should not be on the agenda , Over interpret .

in fact , Wearing kimonos doesn't mean “ Forget oneself ”. Chinese people wear kimonos for nucleic acid testing as a kind of “ Forget oneself ” act , This is obviously a misinterpretation . What clothes to wear is personal freedom , The state does not explicitly stipulate that people must unify their clothes for nucleic acid testing , It was clearly emphasized that kimonos should not be worn . therefore , Accusing the woman of not wearing kimonos for nucleic acid testing is obviously a moral kidnapping without legal basis . Some netizens abuse “ lynching ”, The woman was forcibly installed “ There is no need for it ” The charges of , It's no doubt flattering , Get attention , To earn traffic , Naturally, I can't escape “ The eyes of the masses ”.

contrary , Not wearing kimonos doesn't mean “ Don't forget the origin ”. from “ Witty party sister ” Dancing in front of Lushun Museum and going to Zhang zhehan punch in Yasukuni Shrine can see , I can't attend the meeting without kimonos “ Forget oneself ” There is no necessary connection between them , It mainly depends on what kind of things to do on what occasion . And verified , The kimono worn by the party is only work clothes , The probability is for convenience , Before wearing kimonos for nucleic acid testing , No other intention . A kimono is just a piece of clothing ,“ Forget not forget the origin ” You can't make a hasty assertion from a piece of clothing , Groundlessly accuse the Chinese of wearing kimonos , It not only hinders the development of cultural diversity , Show a narrow national tolerance , It may also hurt the hearts of some real patriots .

A strong nation , Dare to accept differences ; A harmonious society , We should also have the courage to respect differences . Look at the sun 、 Eat Japanese food 、 Learn Japanese 、 Wear kimono 、 Like Japanese culture and so on , It is a normal phenomenon of multicultural development , It is also the due expression of cultural self-confidence . Since the reform and opening up , We never shut our eyes and listen , Seek great harmony , There are differences , And never refuse the public to like the excellent culture of other countries . contrary , We also advocate some foreign films 、 Foreign documentaries and other products that reflect the color of foreign culture have entered China , So as to extract its essence and discard its dross. , Absorb anything and everything , Take the development direction of harmony but difference .

Wearing kimonos is not “ Fine day ”, Only by basing personal interests and hobbies on blasphemy and insult to national and national dignity is it true “ Fine day ”. Wearing kimonos is an individual's legal right , Appreciating the excellent culture of other countries does not mean belittling their own culture , Nor does it prevent them from loving their own country . Things have two sides , The opposite of patriotism is extremely narrow nationalism , Just wear kimonos “ Fine day ”, This is a stereotype , It is also a manifestation of patriotism moving towards narrow nationalism . The public also need to improve their media literacy and ideological understanding , Beware of falling into the abyss of extreme narrow nationalism , Rational voice , Spreading positive energy is “ surfing ” The right posture .

At present , COVID-19 rekindled again , Two mutant strains swept into the country , Nucleic acid detection is a key link in the deployment of epidemic prevention and control network , Actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing to achieve early detection of COVID-19 , Early report , Early isolation , Early treatment . We can't do nucleic acid testing just because people wear kimonos , Just persuade a person who wants to participate in epidemic prevention and control . Nucleic acid detection is to detect viruses , Not check “ A traitor ”, Don't abandon the basics to the end .

writing / Chen Haiming ( Southwest University of political science and law )

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